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Adi 19/12/2018
I received the 3 products, one of them does not operate (frontal light). I disasambled it and solder one wire; now it's operating... I will check the battery capacity and I will add a new comment. The light is quite bright, the charging time is less than one hour (1st charge, maybe partially charged), the switch is a bit difficult to operate, the light zoom is easy to use and the price was good (5 USD each). Overall I consider this a good product.
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  • Adi On the 14500 battery is written 1300mAh (capacity) , the actual measured capacity was 350mAh for one and 320mAh for another product; as the current consumption is about 0.63A for frontal and 0.65A for lateral light, the operation time is about 0.5hour; as the light power is about 2.5W and the usual efficiency is of 100lm/W (it can be up to 150lm/W) the luminosity is of about 250lm (can be 400lm).

    Antwort 29/12/2018
  • Adi On the battery it is written 1300mAh, 3.7V; the actual measured capacity was 350mAh and 320mAh (for two measured devices); the measured current is 0.63A for the frontal and 0.65A for the lateral light - the operation time would be around 0.5 hours; The LED power is about 2.5W and the efficiency is about 100lm/W (max.150lm/W) so we can get about 250 lumens (400 lumens maximum).

    Antwort 30/12/2018
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