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  • 02/04/2019

    Amazing airplane! I got mine to fly for 4 hours and 44 minutes using a large Li-Ion pack. I have two videos on YouTube about it. I love this plane! Get the PNP version!

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  • 03/02/2020

    Gute Produkte, nicht teuer, aber der Transport muss verbessert werden.

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  • 19/02/2019

    Very good Value for Money. Flies like its on rails. One of the best glider for ridge soaring, thermal soaring and casual flying. not to mention very good for long range FPV as well.

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  • 30/03/2019

    There is no doubt that the Volantex Phoenix 2400 is IMMENSE value for money, compared to other offerings in this price range the Phoenix would be hard to match. The main fuselage is a sturdy blown plastic body bolstered by plywood inserts at the wing root/saddle and in the cockpit. The Horizontal and Vertical stabilizers are reinforced with a solid plastic support for attachment to the main fuselage. The HUGE main wings use carbon and aluminium as support to help keep their lengthy span in line and the HUGE motor and folding prop provide more than enough power to take the glider as high as you would want to go in search of thermals. I would give this model a solid 5 out of 5. The Price is right, the quality of parts is right and the delivery was under 14 days. Only an idiot would complain.

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  • 05/12/2020

    Ich bestellte dieses Thema mit der Absicht, eine lange Zeit zu warten, um es zu erhalten. Ich erhielt es relativ schnell, nachdem ich bezahlt, wurde es in der zweiten Stunde gesendet. Sehr gute Qualität!! Ich habe mehrere Volantex-Modelle und ich bin sehr glücklich!! Dies ist eine bemerkenswert gute Leistung!! Banggood Säfte sind von hoher Qualität!! Ich empfehle Ihnen, Ihre zukünftigen Themen auf diesem Online-Shop zu realisieren!!!

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  • 06/12/2018

    Very similar to the Phoenix 2000 V2. The wing root cord is 30mm wider and slopes down and back up again (hope its not just bent like that). The horizontal stab. and rudder are much bigger and all the foam is a nice n shiny and compressed. had some travel rash on a few part and one of the flaps was twisted 10mm out of alignment. this has a length of 1238mm and AUW will be about 1700g. At that weight I HOPE the stock 4023 1050kv with a 10x6 prop will do the job. I will say nothing about the order and shipping fiasko. I looking forward to assembling and flying it.

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  • 12/07/2019

    love the plane flies great and dose not like to stall. A good glider for a beginner to intermediate pilot.

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  • 04/09/2019

    super planeur reçu seulement 15 jours après la commande. super présence en vol.

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  • 10/10/2020

    Alles perfekt. Hervorragende integrierte Gleiterbox und gute Kommunikation

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  • 30/09/2019

    Я очень долго его ждал, три раза заказывал его с сайта(первый раз отказали с европейского склада, второй раз что адрес им не понятен, третий выслали но дороже на 1000руб чем я заказывал в первый раз). Доставка в Московскую область фирмой MaxiPost просто плохое, долго не хотели отправлять, переносили время доставки,ругался с ними. Планер вроде целый дошёл но коробка помятая, а пакет разорван. Очень плохо Banggood упаковал посылку.

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