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  • 17/10/2017

    It took some 2 weeks to get the correct documentation for the tracker I received. I take a couple stars off on quality and value for that reason.There are at least 2 flavors of firmware and they need their own documentation (they are now both available on the item page). This tracker's sensitivity is just amazing: its GPS is getting satellites fixes even when indoor (my other GPS don't). Yet don't expect a fix when underground. So far, I never got an LBS localization in "normal" use, it always sent proper GPS localization. It reacts to movements if you so wish. You can set it to do geo-fencing, daily location report, low battery alarm, etc. If you don't want to spend money on a SIM with a data plan, you can set the tracker to work solely via SMS. On the other hand, if you want to track in real-time, you have to use GPRS (2G network) to the server of your choice: there is one already set up by default when you purchase the tracker (see the documentation: server and app) but it can be your very own server (like traccar for example) by setting the IP and Port via an SMS command to the tracker. When fully charged, the internal battery lasts about 3 hours which isn't bad. On an external 12V supply, it constantly draws at least 20mA when "idle" and around 45/50mA when sending an SMS (it probably draws a lot more on the internal battery, GSM modules are known to draw up to 2A while SMSing). Now that I got the right doc, I'm very happy with this tracker. BTW, mine has the AU08 firmware. Check yours and pick the right doc accordingly.

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  • 12/09/2017

    No tengo ninguna queja del dispositivo, cumple su funcion perfectamente, es impermeable y bastante reducido, ideal para una moto. Incluso si lo desconectan de la bateria te llama al movil. Al principio tuve problemas para configurarlo, pero porque tenia el manual equivocado, el manual correcto está en http://img.banggood.com/file/products/20170711201827GT01 user manual.doc La unica pega que tengo no es del aparato, es que el servidor no encuentro la opcion de configurar la zona horaria, y me sale 6 horas atrasado. Tambien hay que tener en cuenta donde está la antena gps para orientarla correctamente y asi perder la menor señal posible.

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  • 13/11/2017

    Works with Tmobile Pay As You Go SIM in USA. I don't use APN or Internet or GPRS, I just use SMS text. plug in SIM, wait until orange light is steady. Call the #, it should ring. send this SMS: admin123456 12223334444 <- your areacode+ phone send this SMS to set English: 109# send this SMS to check settings and get a SMS response: CXZT if it says you have XM_GT09.... firmware, then : send this SMS to get GPS location and map link text back to you: g1234 You may need to send this SMS to get SMS replys if nothing is working by this point : SF If you get "SF FAIL, ACC ON" then unplug the orange wire temporarily

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  • 15/03/2021

    Ich mag viele solche Produkte-keine Tasten, kein Display, aber Sie müssen Ihren Kopf ein wenig kratzen, um damit zu arbeiten. Es hilft bei der Verhinderung von Alzheimer obwohl. Es hat tatsächlich Bedienungsanleitung, die nicht schlecht ist. Es hat eine kleine Batterie im Inneren, aber Sie müssen eine Verbindung zu Batterie (schwarz zu negativ, rot zu positiv, orange zu den "Schalter" oder einfach gesagt, positiv. Dann legen Sie eine GSM SIM-Karte nicht Pin gesperrt. Dann senden Sie eine SMS mit APN123456 Internet-Inhalt (wobei Internet ist Ihr Betreiber APN). Und das war es. Benutzt ID-Nummer auf es zu loghin auf dem Portal mit Standard-Passwort und ich konnte das Gerät auf der Karte zu sehen.

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  • 24/06/2018

    I am satisfied with this device . location is right. I bought this device for my new Apache Bike. recommended to all....

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  • 24/09/2017

    It is impossible to set up the device using the doc included (unless there are 2 versions of the device in the same shape...). For my device I used this documentation: English version: http://www.fpv1.ru/up/ST-901%20User%20Manual.pdf Russian version + some tips how to set up the tracking on web page: https://www.drive2.ru/l/464593966466073525/ Everything works perfectly !

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  • 19/12/2018

    Premessa. Tracker davvero ottimo, molto compatto, a tenuta stagna (pioggia, ovviamente) Funziona molto bene ma richiede attenzione alla prima configurazione. Infatti il problema noto è che vengono consegnati, con lo stesso marchio (imars) dei tracker con HW differente. Il mio ha il firmware AU08 e quindi richiede espressamente il manuale GT-01 per sapere quale HW avete ricevuto, basta chiamare la sim inserita nel tracker e vi arriverà un sms con alcune indicazioni tra i quali il tipo di HW. Qui il manuale istruzioni https://goo.gl/XJ1eML che ho trovato su internet Dovrebbero in realtà aggiornare la descrizione del prodotto perchè non cè messo nulla al riguardo. ATTENZIONE. Nota importante. Il tracker ha una batteria tampone ... dura pochissimo appena un paio d'ore: quindi installatela non sottochiave altrimenti non avrete risolto nulla.

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  • 03/01/2020

    Dieser Tracker ist genial, gekauft für nur vordere 921 im Promo-Verkauf

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  • 23/04/2019

    It's work very good with not any problem. Αρκετά καλό για τα λεφτά του, το application δουλεύει σωστά αν και θα το ήθελα λίγο καλύτερο, το GPS tracker δουλεύει αρκετά καλά. Μεγάλη προσοχή να βγάλετε τον κωδικό της κάρτας sim πριν το τοποθετήσετε στο GPS tracker. Δεν κατάφερα να αλλάξω την ώρα και μου βγάζει στο application ώρα Κίνας, ελπίζω να το φτιάξω κάποια στιγμή.

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  • 11/04/2019

    Opened the device found a 100V capacitor and MP46885 IC which is rated for 80V max. I wouldn´t put it on anything more than 80V. Documentation for SMS commands: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HaCMMlj-tWKNsp_FyGhGA6XQamfifLEh/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DJm7WRGu8Bvu5z0ILvUeDj7Gw0ztMCFJ/view?usp=sharing Battery is a 150mAh lipo. With the commands from the links above it is possible to change to which IP or DNS link the unit will send data. So if one day the chinese server stops working it is possible to redirect to another tracking service provider.

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