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Neo2121 02/06/2016
The 'neopixels' worked fine. They come in packs of 10 stuck together, you can break them by hand with ease. They work with 3.3 and 5v just as long as the data and power are the same voltage. I use them with an arduino nano clone also from banggood and had no issues. If you use an Arduino or similar, the adafruit library for neopixels worked out of the box. They require soldering to get working, you only get copper pads on the back no pins etc. Soldering them was easy because of the solder mask on the back, they are also very resistant to heat (i had to fiddle with the soldering a long time because the wires I used were very short, nothing broke).
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  • BG344213471 Thanks for the detailed review. I've 50 of these on the way for a project or two. I have the 64 (8x8) WS2812B 5050 matrix, wrote my own AVR code for it to make work because I wanted to (surprisingly easy to program) and my burned eyebrows confirms that my code is indeed working. Man these things are bright!

    Question. Do these things get dimmer at 3.3V vs 5V? I can't really tell the difference in brightness after about 50% (128,128,128) and (255,255,255) appear pretty similar. The other thing is gamma, but I'm guessing at least Adafruit has some features to handle this. Do you use gamma tables for more accurate color mixing? One table for each primary or one common table (sacrifices some accuracy given how green is a lot brighter than the other two, and there's also a difference between red and blue but not as extreme). Do you use the whole range or reduce it to a predefined gamma corrected 16 or 256 color palette? I mean if you've played around with it to that extent that is. I guess most people just want it to work and use existing libraries to get things going, but since I'm a curious idiot I run into things like this so ... any feedback from you or anyone else always appreciated. Thanks! Have fun!

    Antwort 01/11/2022
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