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Q: How thick is the top please?

zeptal se BG321802133 na 2021-03-23 11:19:36

VitalX I measured 15.37 mm so about 1 and a half centimeter thick (without the mousepad) , but it feels quite sturdy. No apparent elasticity is shown if you press with your weight on it..

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Q: how many fans is this?

zeptal se leirbagtwo na 2021-02-10 10:15:58

VitalX It is Five (5) fans. From what I saw you can buy a single fan of the same type separately from a different post , without having to buy the controller.

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VitalX I have added a question: my new bequiet , DarkRock 4 pro air-cooler / heatsink did not fit in the box and I had to modify slightly the hight of the glass cover. Just as a warning about the specs. Product still is good.

VitalX 25/11/2020
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