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Van Istoo BAD work , after 2 months the coating on the back is gone and it fills the hand copper oxidation it's not Titanium Steel it's copper !!

Van 11/07/2022
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Q: Does he has delay while wired by P2 entry on PC?

zeptal se BG633947410 na 2020-09-03 09:56:22

Van yes,there is a little delay, but it is noticeable!!

2022-07-23 07:18:34 Ochotný (0)
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Q: quanta memoria RAM ha ?

zeptal se BG521217103 na 2022-07-11 04:14:45

Van say mate , the Bision 2 have 6GB the Bision 2 Pro have 8GB

2022-07-13 05:45:58 Ochotný (1)
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Q: will this work on Irish network for three ?

zeptal se BG573717385 na 2022-07-07 06:47:30

Van You have to see if your network works in 800-900MHz, if it is not in these frequencies it will not work !!

2022-07-07 07:10:42 Ochotný (0)
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