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Bravedan Thatis because they have fitted the standard 1.25mm connector, but used the male half properly used for the battery, not the female they SHOULD have fitted!

BG131410423 16/11/2021
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Bravedan These units get very hot, and need airflow to prevent damage, sealing them off is a BAD idea!

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Q: La batería es una lipo 18650?

zeptal se isakitela na 2022-09-08 06:48:16

Bravedan The pictures clearly show the quad battery is a flat rectangular LiPo of around 150-200mAh 1S, the description says its a 150mAh.It would not even take off with the weight of an 18650.The Transmitter is clearly stated as 3 of AAA.

2022-09-09 08:12:35 Ochotný (4)
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Q: Is the product easy to use?

zeptal se BG401145735 na 2022-09-07 01:57:07

Bravedan Well, should be, but my two ordered immediately on its release are as yet still not with me and seemingly have not left China despite it being over a month since listed as "Shipped". Tracking has given up.

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Bravedan NEVER met a single cheap transmitter that had click action, and these are no different, they are proportional from a potentiometer and smooth. The action can be made even better to use by extending the sticks so the angular movement is more gradual for the same movement of the stick end, lots of solutions in 3D print, or use hex studs. I have about 50 of these in use for a school club!

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Bravedan Each blade from centre is 44.5mm.In any event its easy to clip props. I use an X-Acto railway modelling side cutter. I drill a hole in a piece of wood the prop shaft diameter, use a suitable rod or screw , and mark where I need toi cut on the wood. I then rotate the prop to the desired angle, mark the wood ALONG the prop to ensure each blade aligns the same, cut each blade when rotated to that line, then the tiniest touch of fine sandpaper to soften the tip edges. Done this for MANY years, no balance issues.

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Q: Are these props suitable for eachine wizard X220 V2?

zeptal se BG991812201 na 2022-04-05 02:29:45

Bravedan They should be, yes. The Wizard comes with 5046, these are 5140. The extra 0.1 inch diameter looks from pics to clear the frame, but only one way to be sure. The lower pitch by 0.6 inch might reduce punch out but should increase flight duration.

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