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Q: Does it work with flies?

zeptal se feiticeir0 na 2019-04-06 08:58:06

kodaky not sure, there are very few flies here

2021-09-22 03:17:25 Ochotný (0)
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Q: how many meters are covered with wall covered area..thanks

zeptal se BG132210913 na 2020-06-04 01:30:50

kodaky depends on walls and other obstacles. to be honest, its range is not very impressive

2021-09-22 03:16:15 Ochotný (0)
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kodaky no, it doesn't have any plug. it connects through wifi and creates another wifi lan, with the same name or a different one

2021-09-22 03:14:59 Ochotný (0)
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