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Q: can work with v2 phox?

zeptal se newgreekprince na 2021-11-19 09:21:30

lovelyman What is the V2 phox?

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Q: work with new xr sony google tv?

zeptal se Zevos na 2021-11-19 05:49:26

lovelyman If its Android TV system, it should be fine.

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Q: Does this copy car remotes?

zeptal se yuvalm2 na 2021-11-06 12:18:30

lovelyman No it doesn’t, but if you install this switch in a car using 12V DC it should work well.

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Q: where is the manual???

zeptal se XristosGlezellis na 2021-10-29 05:17:49

lovelyman Inside the box.

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lovelyman The minimum voltage is 12V, If you are planning to use it on 5V you have 2 options, DC step up from 5V to 12V available in Banggood and its very small you can install it inside the black box or look for another switch that works on 5V. I am using it now with step down circuit from 24V to 12V and it works well.

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