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Q: Where can I get washers and plastic handles for these screws?

zeptal se BG212124111 na 2021-11-18 10:40:17

topybear https://www.banggood.com/4pcs-Woodworking-Tool-Accessory-Quick-Action-Hold-Down-Clamp-Handle-Nut-for-T-Slot-T-Tracks-p-1864847.html

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Q: Is this has any expire date? because I wantnto buy more units.

zeptal se BG434371123 na 2021-10-31 10:46:32

topybear I did not find an expiration date on the box

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Q: Are there these T rulers longer then 260mm?

zeptal se slavne2 na 2021-10-23 05:43:46

topybear https://www.banggood.com/Drillpro-300-or-400-or-500-or-600mm-Woodworking-Line-Scriber-T-type-Ruler-1mm-Hole-Crossed-Ruler-Aluminum-Alloy-Marking-Gauge-p-1772764.html?cur_warehouse=CN&ID=519374&rmmds=search

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