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  • 14/06/2021

    Recebi sem custos adicionais de alfândega, Já testei e funcionou super bem, entregando mais de 13 Volts e mais de 10,3 Amperes num motor de parafusadeira DC, e chegando acima dos 31 Volts usando uma carga resistiva de 3W. Aparenta ter baixo Ripple.

    Ukázat originál
  • 14/06/2021

    The voltage and current is off by 10mV/mA on my unit. It is still very capable. Setting low current/voltages can be difficult, so expect some complications while trying to test LEDs at 20mA. The voltage drops slowly when decreasing it. The constant current function takes some time to kick in, so do not connect anything sensitive to it (like a current measuring multimeter) while it is set to 100mA/30V or something like that, because takes a lot of time for the 30V to drop. Switch mode supply, so there is some noise, but it's acceptable. The fans don't start, until it's really neccesary, which is good. The OCP function is very useful too.

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    Ukázat originál
  • 14/04/2022

    Działa jak należy. Jedyny minus jaki jest to brak guzika włączającego i wyłączającego prąd. Wyświetlacz bardzo czytelny.

    Ukázat originál
  • 23/10/2021

    part of my first order ever from Banggood. So far I'm impressed with the service and speed. I have one minor complaint. I ordered the 30V 10A DPS3010U but instead I received the 60v 5A DPS605U unit. I suppose it's an upgrade, and more useful. So far it works, will update as I go along.

    Ukázat originál
  • 01/04/2022

    Finally received, good product.

    Ukázat originál
  • 08/01/2022

    Highly recommended for the price. Does everything as it should. Didn't check for any voltages offset but it works properly and the 10A are more than enough. Mine goes up to 31.5V / 10.16A. The protection also works pretty well.

    Ukázat originál
  • 02/09/2021

    belajar belanja online, mantap barangnya lewat COD👍

    Ukázat originál
  • 23/07/2021

    The displays are a little slow. The current limit is also slow. It doesn't immediately limit overcurrents. I didn't keep it because it's not the right one for a laboratory power supply.

    Ukázat originál
  • 13/07/2021

    شكرا بانجود

    Ukázat originál
  • 21/06/2021

    Dodání z CZ skladu do 3 dnů, v pořadku, odpovídá popisu.

    Ukázat originál

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