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  • 26/02/2021

    It seems that this boat is not very popular, but in my opinion undeservedly so. Quality is on par with other TFL boats so don't expect a carbon/kevlar indestructible hull but it seems sturdy enough for many fun drives. The motor and battery supports are fixed in place with only resin, without any reinforcement, so take that in mind if you plan to upgrade the motor. Finish is also very good but not top notch like the boats of other more expensive manufacturers. The usual bag with boat stand, a few allen keys, manual and so on is obviously included. Not so obvious is the total lack of any sticker; so if you like plain white boats this is the one for you, otherwise you are on your own to achieve the desired appearence. A note for the shipping: the guys at TFL clearly knows how things are going in the Banggood warehouses, so they package their boats in a double cardboard box. I cannot thank them enough.

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  • 07/01/2022

    très bonne protection avec un double emballage: deux cartons l'un dans l'autre ce bateau TFL a une bonne finition et les collages à la résine sont faits proprement. ils ne sont pas renforcés avec un tissus de verre mais rien n'empêche de le faire si o veut mettre à niveau le moteur et l'ESC pour une helice 4 pales optionnelle. avant la navigation, il faudra lubrifier l'axe de la turbine et vérifier les jeux de fonctionnement & tous les serrages. attention le servo nécessaire n'est pas un taille standard mais un mini-servo

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