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  • 06/04/2021

    Ordered it on March 21 and it arrived yesterday, April 6, from the cn warehouse to mindanao, ph. The box didn't have bubble wraps, but the box wasn't dented and it came with a manual, a usb-c connector and a plastic keycap puller, which I had to carefully use because it scratched a keycap that came with the keyboard the first time I tried to remove one. Had a pretty hard time pairing it with my m1 macbook pro, but after a few more tries, it finally worked! This is my first mech so I couldn't really compare it with brands. The quality is excellent, feels sturdy and is very pretty. The RGB is also bright and you can easily change the backlight colors and mode! So glad I purchased this and gave up my logitech k380.

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  • 04/01/2021

    Amazing keyboard! great for beginner enthusiasts or people who just want a 60% keyboard for a decent price. the switches sound better than i expected and the quality consistency is really good. i also noticed the stabs came pre-lubes which is also quite nice i decided to swap some of the keycaps with blue ones so it doesn't look as plain the rgb effects are AMAZING and the controls are very easy to learn the stock keycaps aren't bad, they're doubleshot which is great for a keyboard of this price range. They're made of ABS though so they may develop a sort of weird feeling after long use but that's not too much of a problem in my opinion great keyboard. 11/10, highly recommend.

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  • 25/11/2020

    amazing keyboard, this is my first ever mechanical keyboard and I have to say I'm not disappointed. It feels amazing and I can type faster than on my MacBook butterfly keyboard. it has many colour option which are great. It works fantastic using blue super low latency as well as being perfect wired. Do not make use the key cap remover that comes with it, it will ruin the keycaps. could not recommended this enough I paid 35£ for it shipping took 6 days.

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  • 07/09/2020

    Producto solido, hermoso, bien construido, pequeño y elegante, cumple con todo lo especificado, un recorrido de las teclas suaves y algo largo para mi gusto, pero un buen producto calidad, PRECIO, nunca pensé en tener un producto a un precio como este y que me de la sensación de un producto premium, todo creo que es plástico, pero no un plástico malo, si no que un plástico muy decente, aun me estoy peleando para saber donde están todas los caracteres, como el guion entre otros. ahora solo falta tiempo para mi veredicto final, llego a Chillán-Chile en muy poco tiempo, cerca de 3 semanas, plena pandemia y cuarentena en chillán, osea bkn.

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  • 27/08/2020

    increíble todo! El producto en mi caso ( Blanco- red switches) es genial!. El servicio logístico muy bueno llego en 2 semanas aprox ( Chile ) y nada que decir del producto es de lo mejor en calidad-precio adjunto imágenes! tiene control de efectos, velocidad del efecto, cantidad de brillo del efecto y de color del efecto entre otras cosas. gracias quedé contento con la compra ! ✌🏼😍

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  • 24/08/2020

    me encanto pedi los suich rojo super precisos y sensibles x lo general juego cs go y esta mas que perfecto para configurar el bluetooth o las teclas secundarias es un poco dificil, teniendo en cuenta k su computadora tiene que modificar el teclado a un teclado ingles estado unidos para que funcione todas las teclas como corresponde... el usb que viene para carga es usb a usb mini, el led es perfecto si te ayudo mi comentario dale un like o si tienes una consulta no hay problema... hacerla llegar DATO EXTRA, SI TIENE UN SOFTWARE QUE LO PUEDES BAJAR DE INTERNET PARA CREAR TUS PROPIAS CONFIGURACIONES, BUSCA EN YOUTUBE

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  • 05/02/2021

    Amazing keyboard, the RGB is incredible for the price. The keycaps sound great. It took about a month to arrive only due to COVID-19 delays. Other than that, great keyboard, love typing on it, definitely a good first keyboard to buy. The keycaps I have on now are from amazon not the original from the keyboard.

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  • 11/01/2021

    If you're looking for a 60% keyboard and don't want to be spending loads of money, I would highly suggest considering the RK61. From functionality to visuals it ticks all the boxes. It definitely becomes a game changer when it comes to typing, the transition between keys is smooth and seamless which is something that is much needed when writing long assignments. Initially, I was keen on the blue switches as they resulted in a strong clickly sound, however it wasn't available in the white variant. Thus, ending up purchasing the red switches. At first I was worried that the red switches would be too quiet and wouldn't produce that specific clicking sound, however once the product arrived I was very satisfied. Although red switches are a lot quieter than the blue ones, there is still a pleasing sound factor to them - in the end I'm glad that I purchased the red switches. The RGB lighting comes with many effects, colours and brightnesses which all look superb, especially on the white body. The 60% configuration is so refreshing as it takes up so little space on the desk, and being a design student I really value a large working space. This product sits at a student friendly price, and is able to perform beyond expectations. Ultimately, I would highly recommend this keyboard!!

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  • 08/01/2021

    Biraz araştırmadan sonra fiyat olarak ve özellik olarak alabileceğim en iyi ürün olduğunu anladım. Almak isteyenlere tereddütsüz tavsiye ederim. Hayal kırıklığına uğramayacaksınız. Vergisiz olanı tercih ederseniz çok kısa bir sürede elinize ulaştırılıyor. Bana ulaşmadı 8 gün sürdü.

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  • 21/07/2021

    Ahh okay soo,, I got the rk61 in white with red switches. It took about two weeks(?) to process my order and then they ran out of stock so i had to wait for another two weeks. Pretty much month and a week later it finally got shipped and arrived to my house in 5 days!! so that was quite quick :))) I live in NZ btw so hiiiii if ur a fellow new zealander who's interested in buying this!! This is the first-ever mechanical keyboard that I've owned so i can't say much about comparing it to other keyboards!! (def better than membrane ones though) I love the backlight settings and how this keyboard got different 'layers' that you can bring up , eg, switching from arrow keys to ctrl and slash/. I also love how compact it is!! Definitely saves so much space on my desk :D The only problem that's been occuring twice now is how my y,u,i,h,j,k,n,m keys would deactivate sometimes, which I'm still not sure what the cause is. But just be mindful that if this happens to you as well, what i did is that i factory reset the keyboard by holding Fn+SpaceBar for 3 seconds straight and everything should return back to normal. I totally recommend anyone to get this as it's so worth the price!!! I was thinking of getting a huntsman mini but glad i didn't!! saved up some money in the end hehe. I'm pretty sure this is pre lubed as well from the factory ,though, i won't be surprised if i find myself lubing this keyboard just a tad more in the future since some of the keys could be quite loud. (the only thing stopping me from doing so is how expensive grease is o_o) The spacebar and backspace are probably my two favourite keys though. Very stable and satisfying. I hope this review helps!!

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