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  • 20/05/2021

    Super koloběžka, jede jako střela!!! Objednáno 25.3. dodáno do ČR přes UPS 17.5.. Balení nepoškozeno, pěkně zabaleno... 👍 Baterka vyrobená v únoru a přišlo nabito 75% 👍 Hodně nedostatků už vyřešeno a pruží dobře 80kg a nejde na doraz! Ale co je špatně, tak objednávka byla s terénními pneu a nevím proč , ale došly silniční!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎 budu řešit s prodejcem... JINAK SUPER STROJ, MOHU DOPORUČIT 😁

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  • 06/05/2021

    Okay the e-scoot is really really an monster I promise. I weight 126kg but the power is enormous and frigtening att the same time.(good that it has some lower settings also so it's not full power all the time) It doesn't care that weight at all. I ordered with road tyres since I'm going to use from and to work. I'm not gonna say it took long time since I was aware of that but it took 49days to Sweden. (think like this don't count the weekends 😜) Happy with my buy ofc, for the money better scoot you not gonna find. The only thing I regret is not purchasing a seat also so it could have come together.

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  • 30/04/2021

    I am very disappointed with this site! I ordered an electric scooter, after more than 3 months of waiting I did not receive the right model. It offers items that they do not have in stock. Customer service is deplorable. More than 48 hours to get an answer by email. And they are unable to provide clear and precise answers. They have to fight to be able to be reimbursed because of their mistakes. I do not recommend this site. No commercial gesture, no professionalism. This sure is clearly to be avoided.

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  • 06/04/2021

    This thing is gigantic compared to my other 2 scooters and It is heavy. Everything came intact no damage whatsoever just make sure to check all the bolts as I did to mine but everything is already tightened on mine and I haven't tested driving it yet. The headlights and the controller are what you only needed to adjust base on your preference. Overall this is a solid scooter!. I ordered mine on February 25 and it came today April 6 via FedEx.

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  • 31/10/2021

    First impression was that of a solid construction. Made of steel and thick alu parts, similarly to a motorcycle. Ordered it from PL, arrived after a week. Package was in good condition (apart from a small hole at the center - maybe pierced for inspection..) and so was the product, without any apparent shipping damage. Left blinker was not working, and left headlight had a missing screw. Opened the battery compartment for inspection, and in my unit the 38 Ah battery module seemed to occupy a bit more space than units from some reviewers. Cable management seemed a bit scary, absolute spaghetti. Mine didn't have any thermal pad for the speed controllers. Fixed the blinker myself, problem was in the switch in the handlebar, which was mechanically blocked from moving to the left completely. Lateral LED's are easy to disable by disconnecting the corresponding cables. The red ring and internal red light from the Cree headlights are harder to disable - and these should be disabled because in Europe red or blue lights in the front of a vehicle are illegal. So far due to weather, haven't yet taken it for a spin. Tested the motors with the wheels suspended. At some speeds, the rotation causes vibration of the frame - perhaps some resonance effect. Maximum speed hit by the suspended wheels was 99 Km/h. Throttle response is pretty violent when set to turbo mode (in any of the 3 "gears"). In eco mode the throttle response and speed limits seem to be the same regardless of the selected "gear". Looking forward for taking if for a ride and obtain further impressions of it.

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  • 07/09/2021

    Kolobežka prišla úplne v poriadku bez jediného škrabanca z Poľského skladu a všetko bolo funkčné, trošku boli povolené niektoré šrouby, ale to už je asi zvykom čínskych kolobežiek, že je to treba podoťahovať všetko keď to príde. Ak ste niekedy rozmýšľali nad kúpou tejto kolobežky, tak absolútne neváhajte, je to proste mega, nedá sa to opísať... krásna, tichá, a keď potrebujete tak silná ako sviňa :) zároveň sa tam dá jazdiť aj krásne do 25 kilometrov za hodinu po meste nie je žiadny problém, odpruženie bomba, neľutujem cestné pneumatiky... je potrebné urobiť pár úprav, ale to už si všetci nájdete na YouTube...nič hrozné... zaberie vám to dve tri hodinky a môžete si plne užívať jazdu na tejto kolobežke...v noci to svieti neskutočne dobre... má to alarm aj diaľkové ovládanie ako na aute...smerovky sú tiež moderné...

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  • 12/05/2021

    Είναι πολύ καλύτερο από ότι περίμενα υπερβολικά δυνατό και γρήγορο... Φενετε στιβαρη κατασκευή... Φρένα πολύ καλά λάστιχα ασφαλιτινα... Εχω κανει 100χλμ και κάνω αυτή την αξιολόγηση.... Ειναι πολύ μεγάλυτερο το μέγεθος του από ότι βλέπετε στης φωτογραφίες... Ο χώρος της μπαταρίας ήθελε λίγο τακτοποίηση αλλά όλα οκ... Η παράδοση έγινε 2 μήνες μετά την αγορά του.. Σε άριστη κατάσταση η συσκευασία και το πατινι χωρίς χτυπήματα και σημάδια... Αξίζει τα χρήματα του τουλάχιστον τα 1030€ που το πήρα εγώ.. Ο χρόνος θα δείξει τα υπόλοιπα....

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  • 25/10/2021

    Servizio bangood ottimo arrivato in 5 gg lavorativi dalla Polonia! È veramente bellissimo ed enorme è praticamente un mostro il migliore in tutto e per tutto. C'è solo da stare attenti per chi non ha mai guidato nulla del genere perché l'accelerazione è veramente brutale! Una cosa che non mi è piaciuta molto è che i vari programmi della dashboard non funzionano tutti, come ad esempio impostare la partenza da fermo! per il resto nulla da dire molto stabile e le sospensioni sono fantastiche. Il casco con lui é d'obbligo!

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  • 23/10/2021

    Assez impressionnante par rapport à une xiaomi m365 pro ! c'est in monstre de puissance et difficilement maîtrisable quand on a pas l'habitude ! rien de cassé à la réception, la trotinette est bien protégée dans son carton. J'espère qu'elle sera fiable dans le temps. A la réception il faut quand même réserver toutes les vis !

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  • 16/10/2021

    Отличный самокат! Качество материалов выше ожидаемого. Очень прочная конструкция. Доставка за 3 дня со склада в Польше. Коробка была без повреждений и на самом самокате ни единой царапины. Комплектация и характеристики, как в описании. Единственный минус это полное отсутствие гидроизоляции корпуса,нужно делать самому, но после этого можно оставлять под дождём без проблем. Так же задний амортизатор совершенно без смазки, но это не проблема. За эти деньги это самый лучший выбор. Рекомендую.

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