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  • 05/03/2021

    Офигенная апа, приложить немного усилий и крос отлично работает, если крос не нужен вообще лудшая апа особенно по комфорту управления, т12 в удобстве управления дроном говно в сравнении с т лайт, ИМХО. Т12 продал сразу, не раздумывая, после пары полётов на т лайт.

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  • 20/02/2021

    Excellent radio and arrived to Belgium very fast (15 days from order to my house!). I lately joined the hobby with an Emax Tinyhawk 2 + BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 and . The LiteRadio 2 did not last long (actually was flawed since day 1 for throttle axis (jitter)). I had to buy a new radio. I chose the Jumper T-lite and directly noticed an enormous difference in how the drone could be handled precisely and smoothly! The sticks offer excellent resolution making the quad responsive and precise. I just wish the radio came with built in battery reverse polarity security: currently if you but the 18650 Li-Ion battery in reverse and power the radio, you will fry it. So be careful, especially with these bot flat ends batteries. I am personally using scavenged 18650 from a dead laptop battery, working fine. Versus the LiteRadio2 the radio is less straightforward to setup but thanks to such great instructional video, you will have no hassle making your way though the process: The radio configuration to bind to FrSky D8 drone: https://youtu.be/wFbjKCvLz1M I you have to change your switch in order to match AUX # in BetaFlight: https://youtu.be/wzcilKe_1NE?t=123 Having full OpenTX with a screen will enable to go deeper down into the details as you will progress in the hobby. So as a first radio really enabling fine control, this Jumper T-lite is a no brainer, go for it. Thank you Jumper, thank you Banggood!

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  • 02/05/2021

    Ho letto pareri contrastanti su questa radio. Io posso dire che per il costo, ti porti a casa una radio multi protocollo (JP4IN1) che sicuramente non può tenere il confronto con radio ben più costose ma per quello che costa, va molto bene. Ottima da usare con dei TinyWhoop, per esempio. E' piccolina comoda da trasportare e per chi usa le radio con i pollici, è perfetta! I have read conflicting opinions on this radio. I can say that for the cost, you take home a multi-protocol radio (JP4IN1) which certainly cannot compare with much more expensive radios but for what it costs, it is very good. Great to use with TinyWhoops, for example. It is small and comfortable to carry and for those who use radios with their thumbs, it is perfect!

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  • 30/03/2021

    There are a lot of headache in the hobby. Full size's Txs take up space. FC boards with or without betaflight use specific protocol and some protocols aren't supported at all by any FC. But T-lite is the perfect " multi-protocol go to " Tx. Compare to X-lite, T-lite seems X-Heavy. Mine came with RED gimbals sticks. It has nice ( ergonomic ) design, nice feel touch and great features ( Multi-Protocol, OpenTx, Hall Gimbals, External RF ). So cute ! My VTC6 18650 fit well inside ( BTW i heard people complain that it doesn't go all the way down to 2.5V. BUT Li-ion minimum voltage depends on manufacturers. It means for some batteries it is 3.0V for others 2.5V. The same for amps. Considering batteries specification and voltage sags, 3.2V as default cutoff is secure). The external module bay make it kind of upgradable ( Do not hesitate to use an external power source for the External module ). OpenTx is great. But i changed the famous " Welcome to openTx " for " You turn me on " from Amber. I tested T-Lite and it binds with DSSS, DSAM, X800, X600 easily ! The E010 R5 is supported but i wasn't able to bind so far. Someone wants a E010 R5 ? As a GAMEPAD styleTx you have enough space in-between switches. As a pincher i gonna have to get use to T-lite ( to thumbing ). By the time, labels will probably disapears. After using it a few hours you won't care. There is no reverse polarity protection. Who care ? The battery will stay in place for months/years. Just make sure to " visually " remember when you'll have to change the battery. The only drawback for me is the lack of spare parts and specially the " external Module bay ". Otherwise T-lite is perfect ! It tooks almost 1 month and a half to arrive. No regret ! The more i use it, the more i like it. 🥰 Thx,

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  • 25/09/2021

    this is great universal remote control. it works with Vltoys, Flysky, Eachine helicopters and drones. As description says, youbcan bind it with many other protocols. Overall it feels great in hands and controls are very responsive. I recommend this product for beginners as universalremote controller.

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  • 22/04/2021

    poor item tracking shipping website not updated real-time item was not shipped in 24 hours stayed at pending pick up for a few days answer from customer service always wait for 24-48 hours item itself is perfect working condition box was crumpled in one corner but contents not affected item received is as advertised

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  • 12/03/2021

    Erst Eindruck , Gut , sauber verarbeitet . Batteriepol angehoben damit Flattop Akkus gehen. Macht nicht so ein wertigen Eindruck wie die Radiomaster TX16S, die sind aber auch nicht vergleichbar. im Vergleich zur BETAFPV RADIO 2 , sind die ebenbürtig , die Jumper macht ein kleines wenig besseren Eindruck durch die Hall Gimbels . Mal sehen wie das erste Fliegen damit ist .

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  • 13/04/2021

    I didn't use the T-Lite except once in DRL. This is my second transmitter, the first one being the BetaFPV Literadio2, another entry-level. The format is very similar, but there are key differences that are less obvious than the screen and the external antenna. I won't go into the functions, setup and mods as there are a TON of reviews on YouTube already by people more knowledgeable than me in the drone hobby. I'll stick to my first impressions and compare it to the BetaFPV product that I know. Both transmitter have a rubber paint finish, but it feels of better quality on the Literadio2. There are also 2 zones with a grippy texture on the outside and back of the BetaFPV where the hand are holding the transmitter, much like a PS4 controller, that are not present on the Jumper. Finally, the two lower portion of the Literadio2 are rounder than the T-Lite, making the Literadio2 again feeling more like a PlayStation controller and making the Jumper feeling slightly bulkier. Because of that, and I was shocked, the Literadio2 feels more premium/refined in hand. Everything else is better on the Jumper T-Lite and there are so much more it can do in comparison. The gimbals feel significantly better and seemed more precise during my limited use. The screen is easy to use and allow adjustments without plugging the transmitter in a computer and using a sketchy program (openTX companion for Literadio2). Talking computer, for use on simulator I prefer the placement of the USB port on the top of the T-Lite, away from the user, as opposed as pointing toward the used on the Literadio2. It always felt awkward and that the USB cable was in the way. As usual, the box was partially crushed. Thankfully the packaging is robust and well designed to protect the transmitter from damage. The only blemish was a slight rubbing damage underneath the transmitter where a PS4 right trigger would be, probably linked the the lower quality of the rubber finish I mentioned earlier. In conclusion, my humble opinion is the the better product would be the Jumper T-Lite using the Literadio2 housing.

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  • 09/09/2021

    Fast shipment from EU to DE within a few days... Tiny transmitter, but very flexible OpenTX software und good quality "look & feel". Some cost saving features (no battery polarity protection, simple and unprotected antenna socket) are acceptable at this price level. Monochrome display is very small (no wonder), but sharp and well readable with standard OpenTX menus. Sound is fine and even vibration funnction better as expected. Perfect mobile TX for mountain "walking & slope gliding"...

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  • 23/07/2021

    The best transmitter ever ( read under 7k ). Works out of the box, no issues till now. The manual supplied is useless Do note 1) do not turn on the transmitter without inserting antenna. 2) do not insert battery under reverse polarity. 3) callibrate transmitter by entering system key and navigating to calibration and press enter.

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