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  • 24/09/2020

    Received package within a couple of weeks. I ordered the night of Sept 7 and it was delivered to my mail box Sept 23. I set the pressure to PSI, temperature to F and the high/low pressure/temperature alarms in my house. I temporarily installed them on my van on my driveway and everything just worked (did not have to drive van for sensors to work). I plan on using them on a boat trailer so I was interested in how waterproof they might be so I took one apart (see pictures) to see how well sealed they were and what type of battery they use. You just need to lift the outer ring off then I used a small pair of long noses pliers to unscrew the unit from the cap. This exposes the battery (CR-1632) for replacement. There is a silicone rubber washer that helps keep water out of the electronics. I think I will just unscrew the sensors before I launch the boat for now. Very cheap peace of mind when pulling a trailer long distance.

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  • 20/11/2021

    Design and first impressions It’s a pretty interesting question, the design itself here doesn’t even think it matters, but the function is the point. But one thing I can’t go by is that the product is very badly arranged in the box. Before unpacking, I noticed that the product was ringing, with every little part moving in it. (bolts, nuts, wrench). It would have fit in the space provided below. Although there is foil on the display and the solar cell, the moving parts, for example, are the key, it could even have been scratched. Test run It was a pretty interesting start. As a naive, I looked at the instructions for use exceptionally (I admit I don’t look at anything, but here I gave him a chance), unfortunately it was a shame, the description wasn’t clear, especially the removal of the little plastic protector. Nah but our test subject was an Opel Zafira A, after removing the plastics, the equipment could begin. Screw the nut onto the valve, using the key we have to pull it onto the sensor at the end this will prevent it from being stolen. Be careful, because if you leave, sawing the valve cap may come. When done everything could come from pairing the central unit with the valves. We wanted to do this in the car for the first time, but we didn’t manage to recognize all of the valves, so we grabbed and took the unit to the valve to see if it worked after a long push. After pairing, you can also set the units and alarm rates, minimum, maximum After a week we were lucky to experience the fault signal, the pressure in the rear wheel dropped and the device started to beep terribly, you can turn it off by turning off any button. Evaluation Overall, I am satisfied with the device, I dare to recommend it, which is mainly confirmed by the fact that the said test subject was my brother-in-law, who is not a rubber by the way. In conclusion, I would like to thank Banggood for submitting the product for testing. Youtube test link:https://youtu.be/w-he9H7mbow

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  • 24/05/2021

    Bom produto, bastante funcional e fácil de instalar. É um bom produto com bom preço. Os sensores são um pouco grandes mas em geral estou satisfeito com o produto, funciona impecávelmente. Recomendo. Obrigado Bangood. ________________________________________ Good product, really funcional and easy to install. It is a good product with a good price. The sensors are big however I am satisfied with it, it works perfectly. Recommended. Thanks Banggod.

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  • 09/12/2020

    I've been using this product for a couple of months now. The information is accurate, and it wasn't difficult to set up. I live in a cold environment that is prone to low levels of sunlight, but so far I've only charged the thing once after charging it initially. I'm very pleased and would buy again.

    Ukázat originál
  • 23/12/2020

    еще один комплект приобрел на второй комплект, датчики нравятся, штатные батарейки (CR1632) не долго живучие (3 месяца). Дисплей не смотря на редкие солнечные дни обладает отличной автономностью.

    Ukázat originál
  • 17/09/2020

    He recibido bien el artículo que compré, pero le falta el cable de conexión usb. Desearía saber si me lo van a enviar. Espero que me manden el cable de conexión usb.

    Ukázat originál
  • 26/10/2021

    Received the product within 15 days in India. I have fitted in my new KIA SONT, working very well. Eassy to install. Thanks Bangood.

    Ukázat originál
  • 01/02/2021

    Very good product

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    Ukázat originál
  • 07/08/2020

    The product has arrived. Working perfectly. Displays good data.

    Ukázat originál
  • 20/02/2022

    The tpms imars 240 delivered really fast. The package was in an excellent condition. I wait to set it up first and then to write a review. Powered by solar. The installation is easier than YouTube show it. Just read the instructions. I test it and I am very happy for this product. Recommended for cars without tpms.

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