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  • 15/01/2022

    Arrived 4 days early and I was supr excited to use it! The stabilizers are honestly the best part of it. Some of the keycaps don't fit tightly and a couple came loose when I took it out of the box. Switches were really hard to pull out but otherwise works perfectly fine. Also I don't think this one connects to mac (command key at least). It's really light to type with and after a bit of modding (tape, foam, and lubing -no change to stabilizers-) it's now my favorite mechanical keyboard to use!

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  • 19/11/2021

    Keyboard specs: - Gateron black switch - Full RGB - 3/5 pin hot-swappable This is my very first mechanical keyboard. Package arrived earlier than what was schedule in the app, which is a great thing. The box was a bit wrinkled though, but the keyboard was in great condition. I've been using it for about 3 weeks, no issues so far. Wired mode is fast, wireless (both 2.4ghz and bluetooth 5.0) is also quick even for gaming. Battery life seems to be doing good so far, although I've only been using wireless mode with the RGB turned off to extend the battery life. I'm not too sure how long battery life will last if you use wireless with RGB turned on. Disassembling was a bit of a pain, Removing the case felt like I was going to break it so I spent like 20 mins trying to figure out how to take out the volume knob and top casing. Tried prying the case off with a small screwdriver, ended up giving my PCB a small scratch. I was finally able to disassemble it, put some styrofoam to sound dampen it a little, and assembled it back together, which was way easier that taking it apart. Stabilizers are ok for a pre-built, would recommend lubing or getting a better one if you have the extra budget/time though. Overall, this is a great mechanical keyboard for a first timer like me. I was suppose to buy parts separately and build it myself, but the price difference was quite significant for me, so I ended up buying this pre-built instead . No regrets on my purchase, happy with the keyboard, and I would definitely recommend it to someone looking fir their first mechanical keyboard, or just a "budget" oriented one. Might save up and buy the black version to do my first build hehe.....

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  • 16/11/2021

    Todo en excelente condición, un excelente teclado. Más de lo que se espera, buen cuerpo, buen rendimiento. Muy rápido el envío.

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  • 16/01/2022

    ¡Teclado Excelente! después de un mes de uso puedo decir que todo funciona correctamente. La batería llega a durar hasta cuatro días de uso continuo. EL ÚNICO PROBLEMA es que el teclado ha venido con dos teclas U en lugar de la J. En la tecla J venía la U. En la segunda foto muestro el defecto, ¡es la tecla que aparece volteada!

    Ukázat originál
  • 10/01/2022

    Love it! (Black Switch) I am amazed at the build quality of this budget keyboard! It came in a good looking box with a braided cable and a keycap + switch puller. The keycaps of a regular budget board are usually bad, but these have a nice grip to them and feel and look amazing. The profile of all the keys are the same so it is a very good board for people like me who use a different keyboard layout. Next: the stabilizers. The stabs can make or break a board. I am truly impressed by the stabs, they have ZERO rattling coming out of the box, and the thock they make is very satisfying. Of course, no board is perfect, and there are the things I can pick at. This does not happen during typing, but some of the keys have a "ping" to them. I plan to lube the switches which I think will fix the "problem" but otherwise, this is an amazing budget board and good for beginners getting into keyboards.

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  • 24/01/2022

    клавиатура отличная. стабилизаторы хоть и не смазаны, но звучат прекрасно. по поставке никаких нареканий нет.

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  • 14/12/2021

    muy comodo de mejor calidad de lo esperado. me gusto mucho, hay que hacerle algunos ajustes el software lo encontre con otro modelo

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  • 01/12/2021

    chất lượng hoàn thiện của sản phẩm rất là tốt

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  • 16/12/2021

    great product!

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  • 03/12/2021

    product is in good condition, so far every component is functionable. excellent product!

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