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  • 03/08/2021

    I love this keyboard. Switch from a 60% to this board. What I am missing from my 60% (a non Gamakay brand) is the macro and rgb editing software. Other boards from this brand have drivers/software for them, just not the K77. I know in one of the Q&As the vendor/manufacturer says it's coming, though with no date. I am hoping soon as I would like to create a custom colorway and maybe input some macros. Another downside for myself is that the bumpers on the underside, while of good quality, don’t make the keyboard the right angle for me. I had to add some extra bumpers to give it a bit more lift - though that is a preference not a flaw of the board’s. I did purchase the board with the Gateron Yellows. And yes, they are real Gaterons. I’ve lube mine and added switch film. (I’m a linear gal and like my boards near silent.) The stabs are bone dry. Like I think on one I found just a hint of grease on the wire, and just one side, everything else is dry. So you will need to lube them. They are a bit wobbly in the plate so I got some 3M clear stabilizer pads. Really helps reduce the wobble. I also like the light indicators for the numlock and capslock. Added foam from packing envelope to help with hollowness (in U.S.: Office Depot item# 729059.) I layer is ~3mm. Doesn't impact under/side glow. The caps that come with the board do have some rough edges but honestly that’s an easy fix with some fine grade sandpaper. They are actually nice. One last thing I notice is that there is a bit of discrepancy between the light function paper instructions that come with the board and what's listed on here, especially when it comes to the color mode of the side lights. The ones listed on here are swapped with the board brightness, the ones listed on the provided paper shortcuts in the box are correct. There are more light modes and functions listed here however, so it will be trial and error until you are used to the shortcuts. Would I recommend this board? Yes!

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    Ukázat originál
  • 16/05/2023

    Possui uma ótima construção, leds muito bonitos, Key caps de ótima qualidade, e som muito agradável. Demorou um pouco para chegar, porém, eu moro bem longe, então já era de se esperar essa demora.

    Ukázat originál
  • 21/06/2021

    the keyboard looks amazing with the lights. The is no program but a lot of different light modes. also the package was here in under two weeks!

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    Ukázat originál
  • 24/09/2021

    this is a great board and it sounds really good also after you mod the stabs and lube your switches or replace them, I added the the new Razor phantom keycaps to the board and Gateron pro Silver switches, also added the tape and PE foam mod.

    Ukázat originál
  • 29/06/2023

    La verdad que ha llegado antes de tiempo y el teclado esta muy bien para jugar la verdad que por el precio que tiene es el mejor teclado por calidad precio

    Ukázat originál
  • 08/07/2022

    O Teclado é muito lindo e eu gostei muito desse formato com o numérico. É minha primeira experiência com teclado mecânico então estou achando incrível a sensação de digitação, também é a primeira experiência com teclado no formato estadunidense internacional, logo tive dificuldades no início mas nada de mais, questão de costume. O ponto negativo que eu achei foi a estabilidade dele na mesa por ele ser pesado ele não fica se mexendo mas ele tem ou veio com um certo desnível, pelo preço esperava não ter problemas em relação a isso, mas ainda sim nd que atrapalhe a minha digitação.

    Ukázat originál
  • 02/09/2021

    Excelente teclado se demoro muy poco en llegar a mi casa, compre la version con switch cafe y es una delicia, totalmente recomendado 10 de 10, por si quieren ver una review haré un video proximamente en mi canal de youtube La Cueva del Elfo, para que lo vean mas en profundidad 😁😁

    Ukázat originál
  • 08/06/2021

    this keyboard is beautiful and even stock switches are nice. just wish it has software

    Ukázat originál
  • 04/08/2023

    Amei! Teclado incrível, maravilhoso! Resposta rápida, cores incríveis, da para mudar muito mais do que as 18 que vem escritas, muito brilhante, perfeito para quem ama um RGB bem forte! Sensacional!

    Ukázat originál
  • 03/08/2023

    Super mooie toetsenbord! Typt lekker en hele snelle zending. Ik ben er super blij mee dankjewel👍👍👍

    Ukázat originál

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