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  • 20/09/2021

    I love this RTF kit! I got the caddix loris 4k bundle. bit more pricey but I've been having a blast with it over the short few weeks I've had it. took about 1 and a half months to come in. I will say. the little guy can take a beating. I've smashed it against my roof, face first in the ground, and into tree limbs. I also landed it in a puddle of water. let it dry over night. the little guy just bounces right back up. great great beginner kit. however. I was getting a bit cocky and did a flip over my house. lost control and slammed the drone down on the edge of my a/c unit. the camera lens cracked, and the plug d/c'ed from the receiver. I plugged the receiver back up to the board. plugged the batteries back up and video was in goggles. the SD recorded my next flight in 4k too! now it just has a little Crack on the lens. but its put of the view. might get moisture in there eventually... not sure. a replacement camera on Amazon runs about 189 bucks.

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  • 09/09/2021

    I came the whole way to northern Ireland in 7 days from experience ordering things normally take 2.weeks to a month from their! as for the drone it's very good! remotes a bit cheap but works and the head set is not to bad,not fat sharks but what do u expect it's also smaller than I expected, they can be improved with better antenna, order more battery's fly's with 2 at a time if you had 8 means you can fly and charge at same time comes in a very nice bag!

    Ukázat originál
  • 27/04/2021

    It’s a lot harder than I thought and tiny. You can’t imagine how tiny this thing is which mean it’s fast. Absolutely great entry level fpv but don’t underestimate it, it’s going fast. The deliver came 2 months after my order was summit. I think it was due to the incident in Suez Canal.

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  • 19/08/2021

    very good beginner set with best 2S whoop with 4K caddx camera. FPV googles have good reception . the remote control is good, but I would prefer a Radiomaster TX12 with R81 receiver instead this geprc G8 transmitter

    Ukázat originál
  • 27/04/2021

    좋은 제품입니다.

    Ukázat originál
  • 30/04/2021

    I received it well. I think it took about 50 days. I'm satisfied with the product. Have a nice day

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    Ukázat originál
  • 19/03/2021

    tinygo 4k

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    Ukázat originál
  • 14/04/2021

    We received a damaged carton and a wire was broken. We had to solder first.

    Ukázat originál
  • 06/09/2021

    best tuned small indoor Quad for you to practice.

    Ukázat originál
  • 03/06/2021


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