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  • 13/04/2021

    Received drone and it seems as though they shipped me a used drone. the box has already been open, missing components and one engine is not working. I'm supposedly a VIP level 5 and I have to provide an explanation, upload a video to YouTube and now answer more questions and upload pictures. They want me to upload pictures of missing items and an engine that doesn't work? HMMMjQuery111309720611669484869_1618336136236? Talk about jumping through hoops. I have been trying to get a replacement for a few days now and keep getting the same BS from VIP level 5 Chat agents etc. Really takes the fun out of doing business with this company. Their shipping is horrible and to get a replacement you have to waste a lot of time with them.

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  • 16/12/2020

    Easy setup, the camera installed is caddx ant not runcam nano, for the analogue version I received. Drone flies good, r9mm receiver has FCC access firmware installed. I flashed the LBT version 3 and all is ok for Europe. Battery placement is a little odd, also the strap is blocked by the struts holding the top plate.

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  • 05/03/2021

    Un piccolo sogno che diventa realtà! Avevo già provato a costruire un drone Long range con peso <250g, poi mi sono innamorato del Flywoo Explorer LR 4". Ho scelto la versione analogica senza ricevente. Rispetto alla versione digitale, ritengo sia la soluzione più sensata per droni di questa grandezza e consumando meno avremo sicuramente più autonoma di volo che si traduce in più divertimento! Prezzo molto interessante, considerando i suoi fratelli... Arriva già settato molto bene, giusto qualche regolazione e...via! Si vola....

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  • 23/09/2021

    E' il mio secondo Flywoo Explorer LR Analogic Version dopo che il primo è stato tragicamente smarrito in un rovo di spine ad un altezza di 50 metri . Leggero , agile e veloce riesce a farsi rispettare tra i tanti quad fpv. Il gps è sicuramente il valore aggiunto considerando che se lo si usa con parsimonia e lo si sa configurare per bene permette di recuperare il drone in caso di situazioni avverse. Già a partire da 50 metri , in caso di difficoltà ,si può intraprendere la procedura di rientro alla posizione Home. Il drone non ritorna al punto di partenza ma staziona ad una certa altitudine permettendo al pilota di recuperarlo in totale sicurezza. Semplice e immediata la configurazione in Betaflight considerando che la maggior parte dei settaggi posso andare più che bene. Ho bindato la R9MM e la Taranis QX7 in 2 minuti. Può trasportare senza particolari problemi una gopro senza batteria alimentata eventualmente con il bec cable (https://www.banggood.com/IFlight-Power-Supply-Wire-Right-Angle-Plug-For-GoPro-6-or-7-or-8-or-9-Camera-Power-Cable-RC-Balance-Plug-to-Type-C-Adapter-BEC-Wire-for-FPV-RC-Drone-p-1753866.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CZ&ID=6300460) in modo da risparmiare peso. Spedizione ovviamente super veloce. Eccolo in azione con la mia Hero 5 Black https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SUP2l3RzIg

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  • 11/03/2021

    c'est mon premier drone 4s et quel plaisir de voler avec. très souple et belle autonomie > a 10mn. en revanche c'est la galère pour connecter l'antenne VTX sur la carte. obligé de demonter la frame supérieure. connecteur Ipex. je l'ai essayé que une fois, et me demande si le VTX sera assez puissant pour transmettre loin. Pas mal de glitch a 300m. a voir. A mon avis, la caméra demande un temps clair pour bien voir les détails. je recommande pour du ride tranquille

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  • 16/05/2021

    Bellissimo quad. I settaggi iniziali sono pre impostati ed è fondamentalmente pronto al volo ma non troppo. È stato necessario aggiornare la ricevente e impostare le varie funzionalità mediante Betaflight. Una volta smanettato e settqto al meglio è una goduria. Molto reattivo è abbastanza solido nonostante il peao e dimensioni. Sembra essere progettato da mani eaperte. Nota dolente riguarda il pacco arrivato un pò malconcio e con qualche pezzo mancante...vedrò con l assistenza bg.

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  • 14/04/2021

    Shipping was super fast due to EU warehouse. Thanks Banggood. Product matches description (GOKU HM600 VTX, Caddx Ant camera etc). Documentation is decent (the PDF file that can be downloaded), but there are some gaps, so it requires that you know how to search on the net. This is a pretty good setup that arrives almost ready to fly (requires antenna plug in, bind and if you prefer some Betaflight setup like GPS rescue) but VTX gets very hot too soon. This happens even if output power is reduced to minimum via BF CLI with "set vtx_power = 1" and then "save". (You can similarly change band and channel "set vtx_band = x" and "set vtx_channel = y" and "save" if you prefer to keep your settings also for next start.) I don't think it's normal that in a ~22 Celsius room the RF chip on the Goku VTX gets so hot (with 100mW output power) that its temperature exceeds 121 Celsius (see infra cam picture) while setup is made. This can destroy the chip very quickly. Also when closely inspected, a capacitor seems to be hand soldered after the rest (flux residue is not removed), that points also to some issue that is fixed as an afterthought. In short: I fear that VTX (RF chip) won't last long since on a warm day as cruising speed most probably cannot cool the chip enough and also it can get hot while you're waiting for GPS lock. I look forward some Flywoo feedback on this (or even a replacement if the VTX is faulty). Apart from this I think it's an excellent quad especially if you wish to stay below the 250g limit (works even with 850mAh battery) with reasonable flight time.

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  • 24/03/2021

    Просто королевский набор! Пришло быстро, до Москвы 2 недели! Дрон собран потрясно, аккуратно. Рама прочная и упругая. В комплекте запасные винты, луч, крепление антенны crossfire, куча винтов, ключи, антенна, усилители рамы.

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  • 18/03/2021

    By far the best packed and well presented quad ever. I didn't receive the extra arm but i did get extra top plate. I can't complain. I'm very pleased how well it was packed and with all the extra screws, standoff, lock nuts and two sets of propellers. There are clearly labeled wires for insta 360 already installed and ready to use and for receiver of your choice. The drone /quad itself looks beautiful.It has the V2.1 stack version which indicates that this is the V2 ? Very nice build quality and I'm impressed how well it all fits in. still loads of space left if needed. Haven't tested it yet but will report back once every is installed and test flown. I'm Amazed. Well done Flywoo! 10* stars! Definitely recommend! Thank you banggood.

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  • 28/12/2020

    amazing drone, test flight in garden 15 minutes with old 1300 4s. 1:20 to lock sats (8) and went straight up to 11. only downside I didn’t get 8 longer screws to put arm braces on only got 6.

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