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  • 21/09/2021

    A great product at this price. Received on 11th day after the order (from China to India). Pros: 1. Good battery backup, highest in the segment. 2. Sturdy build quality & quite good looking. 3. Smooth operation, had no such problems. 4. Great packaging, includes a power bank, an extra leather strap. Cons: 1. No negative feedback, a little fat due to big battery. 2. Using round screen for most of Android apps are quite difficult to manage. I am using screen mirroring app to control the watch from my android phone. (though you can make square screen right from the watch, but still a little difficult to use)

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  • 19/09/2021

    The delivery and the external aspect of the product are as expected. Being my first clock I need to play a bit more with it to know it it really fits my needs

    Ukázat originál
  • 08/08/2021

    La montre est très bien arrivée , elle fonctionne bien ,toutes fonctions testées,un conseil ne pas charger trop d applications car la montre risque de chauffer,je recommande , le seul soucis la batterie externe ne fonctionne pas,le cable usb ne rentre pas ,soucis de fabrication.

    Ukázat originál
  • 29/06/2020

    I was surprised that it delivered very quickly here in Saudi Arabia, I placed an order on June 21 and I received the watch on June 28. It is well intact although the packaging has no bubble rap. First impression during the unboxing is beautiful. The description stated as it is. The design is quite bulky but still beautiful it built with quality look. Regarding the price it is quiet expensive compare to its rival kospet prime but I think it's fair enough because of it's IP68 and the battery. The front camera is blurry can't focus I tried many times to get a clear shot but I couldn't, I am not sure if it is only for this unit or the other unit it is not like mine, but its fine for me cause I did not buy the watch for taking picture. I am hesitant to test under the water maybe after a month I will do. I am impressed with stand alone android watch it can work like android mobile phone. Facebook, Youtube and other apps downloaded from Play Store are working well. My only great concern is the auto wake up to check the time, it is inconsistent when I raise my wrist to check the time, it is not waking up until I put my wrist down again (I tried uploading the video but not allowed). Otherwise, the watch is perfect.

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    Ukázat originál
  • 27/06/2020

    - fast delivery - smartwatch is great and stylish works impeccably - all Apps that i am working with are supported on that, there is nothing to complain about - i like this watch negativ point: - the SIM card slot was damaged. No phonically were possible. I don't know why this happened bit i think that the watch was already is use and shipped to me. I think that was a mistake and an oversight and therefore I have asked for a replacement.

    Ukázat originál
  • 06/11/2020

    Excelente smartwatch. De tamaño grande y ligero. Funciona muy bien como celular. Hace y recibe y llamadas sin dificultad. Mucho mejor si se usa con earbuds. Se debe registrar el equipo a tu compañía de servicio celular (en Chile) como si fuera un celular. Complementa el uso con Watch droid Assistance. No es compatible con el sistema operativo de HUAWEI, tu reloj sirve solo como centro de notificación pero no comparte. La espera en la entrega del producto fue corta. La caja viene abierta, al parecer por revisión de aduana. Viene con una correa de cuero de regalo.

    Ukázat originál
  • 05/05/2021

    It's awesome smartwatch. It's can connect earphone to listen music, but it's will be disconnected sometimes. A little upset that it's short protective film in the box, because it's sell in the package on website. I complain to service, nobody responded to me so far.

    Ukázat originál
  • 10/10/2020

    Hi I'm S.Rasa I ordered smart watch and I received both Items but watch is not charging and starting. I send photos have a look. please you check before send your items. I already contacted to pay pall and waiting your reply. S. Rasa

    Ukázat originál
  • 01/10/2020

    Excelente producto, se ve muy bonito, funciona correctamente, la pila muy bien con su powerbank aunque ya usándolo constantemente el uso de la batería es bastante y es posible que solo dure unas 8 o 10 horas, El paquete llego en unos 20 días aproximadamente a Mexico y a m i domicilio, cabe mencionar que sinceramente esta preocupado porque en la pagina no había actualización constante del seguimiento del paquete y tenia dudas de que llegara, ya después de los casi 20 días se actualizo el status diciendo que ya estaba en Mexico y un día después ya había llegadito a mi domicilio.

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    Ukázat originál
  • 20/06/2020

    this whole deal was awesome! came super fast and everything was in order!! Great job! will buy again soon

    Ukázat originál

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