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  • 09/01/2021

    Drone molto buono miglior rapporto qualitá/prezzo sono rimasto sorpreso dalla qualità costruttiva dei materiali direi eccellenti,in volo si comporta molto bene tranne per la connessione tra drone e radiocomando che fá delle righe sul radiocomando stesso,probabilmente dovuto dalle interferenze.. riprese di ottima qualitá in full hd lo consiglio a chi è alle prime armi drone molto stabile e facile da pilotare,spedizione rapida

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  • 31/07/2021

    Well I bought this Fimi A3, Because............ 1. It Was so Cheap 2. Well... so I bought 2 of them 3. Wanted to Fly FPV style with using my Fatshark Goggles 4. Wanted to just cruise the Park with a bit more distance over my FPV Whoops 5. Like the 5.8ghz Video signal 6. Like that it has its own Screen built into the controller, no cell phone required 7. It's been easy to mod a few things 8. Even though 2 axis, the gimbal really works great 9. Changing settings is really easy So for what I want it for its spot on, I need it to be somewhat like my Mavic, but have the FPV goggles like my whoops, while its neither perfect for those 2 reasons alone, together and the price just fits for me. Keep in mind don't fly this as fast as your racer drone, this does have lag, say like a DJI Mavic or Mini does, so don't go sport flyin close to objects, or you may find yourself smashing into it with the cause of the FPV video lag. I solved my problem of the Video controller screen with a glued on sunshade. I fixed my problem with the battery and now I can charge it to 4.35v per cell with my LIHV Balance charger. Will try the fold-able blades once they get here, see how they perform over the original stock versions. Made myself my own DIY Gimbal Protection cap out of a old Spray can plastic lid, that was interesting. Real Happy With it.

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  • 01/07/2021

    buongiorno, ho ricevuto oggi il vostro pacco, consegna molto veloce. All'apertura della confezione, mi accorgo che la linguetta del sigillo era leggermente alzata come si vede in foto. Apro lo scatolo e mi rendo conto che non c'è la batteria. sicuramente sarà stata una dimenticanza, pregasi di rimediare, grazie

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  • 01/05/2021

    devo fare i complimenti a banggood, prezzo ottimo (in promozione + coupon),la spedizione incredibilmente veloce, 27/04/2021 ordinato e pagato, in data 30/04/2021 mi è stato consegnato. il drone è bellissimo, materiali ottimi, risponde bene ai comandi e tutto funziona perfettamente. non ho ancora provato la registrazione dei filmati. lo consiglio assolutamente.

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  • 31/05/2021

    Congratulations Bangood! Awesome Price, fast delivery, two days for Portugal as you promised! I really recommend your service, already bought several products with you and no complaints, thank you for everything 👌 About Xiaomi FIMI A3, it's an amazing drone, nice fly, very nice and stable video record and nice pictures indeed, I'm totally satisfied with my new drone and just did my first flight 👏👏 (would be great to be one of your drone tester in Portugal, think about it)

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  • 02/01/2021

    I recommend product. Drone have weight 560 gram well You don't must have licence pilot to fly this drone in city. Really good product. Strong motors, good camera, long range. If You want buy drone and You don't want pay lot money buy Fimi. One of the best drones!

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  • 03/08/2021

    This is my 2nd buy, more than anything I wanted the extra battery, having spare parts is nice also. I Will set this one up exactly like the 1st one I bought and set up. I mainly bought this to fly FPV with my Fatshark Goggles. I can say the Goggles work great with this A3, got my out to 1500 feet in the park before the return home kicked in, by then the video was starting to break up so don't know how much further the FPV would have gone. Now it says here you can charge the battery to 4.35v each for a total of 13.05v, but on the battery it says 12.75v max and its a 11.1 lipo not a 11.4v LIHV, will have to look into that. I am able to charge these to 4.35v each, but I want to make sure this is a LIHV battery. the 2 axis gimbal you have to get use to, it has its limits, but I can edit my video to make up for the missing 3rd axis, which you can really tell on some video shots. Video is fine at 1080p 30fps at the 40mbps setting, 60mbps is an over kill for 1080p 30fps. Everything was easy to set up on the OSD menu on the controller screen. Some things you set will default back when you power off the controller, I guess that's for safety reasons. All in All for the price its a good drone, not even close to a DJI though, but way better than these budget filming drones for sure, the 5.8ghz FPV to use with analog goggles is a huge plus, IMO.

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  • 27/06/2021

    Bellissimo dopo aggiornamento vola da dio. Primo drone acquistato di categoria non giocattolo e devo dire che è facilmente guidabile. Menu in italiano dopo gli aggiornamneti. Vale il prezzo. Foto ottime, video decorosi, stabili e ben fatti. Raccomandato

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  • 19/04/2021

    arrivato in 6 giorni dal magazzino spagnolo, prodotto ok, integro e di ottima fattura più di quello che immaginavo! Grazie Banggood non vedo l'ora di provarlo😁👍

    Ukázat originál
  • 05/01/2021

    Entrega super rápida! só apenas um reparo não trazia proteção nenhuma em redor da caixa o que durante o transporte podia danificar alguma coisa, tirando isso tudo muito bom!

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