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  • 23/03/2021

    Chegou!!! Obrigado a Banggood, até que veio rápido, do dia da compra a minha casa foram 19 dias corridos (compra 04/03 - recebimento 23/03/2021) , alguns rasgados na caixa mas o interior íntegro, sem taxas para quem mora no Brasil sabe do que estou falando, essa parte foi a mais rápida de todo o processo, no serviço aduaneiro chegou dia 17 e foi liberada no mesmo dia, então é só alegria, já rolou alguns vôos, o produto é bom, depois de uma pesquisa optei por este modelo que vai me atender perfeitamente, bateria carregada é dor no pescoço de tanto tempo de vôo para um heli, com o conteúdo que vem na caixa, é divertimento por um longo tempo sem necessidade de gasto extra já que temos peças de reposição e chaves de manutenção, kit com 04 baterias, experiência no 10.

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  • 15/10/2020

    Have flown helos for over 12 years and this is one of the finest 4 channels helos I have ever seen. All the advances are great, height hold, 6 axis gyro, well made sturdy parts. This beats the V911 by a long shot.

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  • 26/06/2021

    This Helicopter really packs a punch both in regards to value and performance. Performance Overview: The two throttle rate settings are great. The helicopter handles well in a light breeze; high winds make it very difficult to control; two limiting factors here are a very lightweight aircraft and lack of 'crazy' power - expected from an entry level helicopter. Design & Durability: This Helicopter is durable and has survived many crashes under my ownership. The package includes a spare rear prop and a set of blades - you'll need these spares, as the components that they replace are usually the first to break; it was only necessary for me to utilise these spare parts after I crash landed the helicopter several times. Additional Comments: The radio control range of the transmitter / reciever combo included in the package is impressive and has maintained a strong connection with the helicopter >40ft in the air. The E129 has an inbuilt fail safe that cuts power to the motor if a radio connection is not detected - this is quite an impressive feature for such an inexpensive RC model. The fail safe means that the helicopter will not just fly away if you can no longer control it, but will effectively just drop out of the sky instead; this reduces the potential for it to create a safety hazard if something were to go wrong. Flight times last around 10-15 minutes before a battery swap or recharge is necessary and it's certainly worth purchasing 2 or more batteries in order to maximise your flight time before having to recharge. ONLY USE THE INCLUDED CHARGER FOR YOUR BATTERIES. The motors in this helicopter are brushed and will become hot to the touch after a few minutes of running, however I have not personally had any overheating issues, even after running the helicopter on two full batteries without a cool down period in between. If you're looking for your first RC Helicopter or an addition to your growing collection, I highly recommend Eachine E129.

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  • 14/01/2021

    First of can I just say that the delivery times for both helicopters is very quick from China and the packaging was in excellent condition. OK the e129 from eachine is a great looking bird. I ordered this with 3 batteries, and first impressions I am impressed with the feel of the heli its feels more sturdier than the Wltoys V911s which I love. As you expect with most RTF helicopters it comes complete with spare blades, screw driver and Allen key as well as some spare upper connecting rods. The controller is not bad for the price though after a test flight noticed that the controls were twitchy and not fluent however if I was to bind with anouther transmitter it should make flying a little smoother. The flight times are very impressive though I have not timed a flight yet. I have only flown indoors as the weather in Devon is not very pleasant at the moment but eager to test outdoors soon. This is truly a beginners helecopter. ideal for anyone who has not flown RC helicopters before thanks to the altitude hold and the 1 key take off and land, which I am personally not a fan of. though you can manually take of and land which is not bad at all. This bird is very stable in the air and did not require to much trimming after calibration. Pro,s Great flight times stable in the air Nice LED which helps indicating when the battery is low Great colour scheme fantastic build quality for the price and robust if you crash. I crashed twice lol! Price under £50 awsome!!! Con,s for me its the 1 key take off and land feature with I will never use bust thats just my opinion. Transmitter is a bit twitchy and even the throttle has dead bands on throttle up I would recommend using a better transmitter. Conclusion: Bangood have done exceptionally well with fast delivery times and as for the heli it is a great little bird with plenty of potential. Really suited to beginners but for me it is a fun bird for the price.

    Ukázat originál
  • 24/09/2020

    Super stable and the new battery system gets a thumbs up from me. It's super tough, I've crashed this at least 30 times now, some real bad ones too and I've damaged nothing and it's still flying as new. The transmitter is pretty good, gimbals feel OK, it takes 4xAA. Two less than the 119 tx. I've not been able to bind it to my taranis yet. I'm getting 15 minutes flying time. The canopy off the 119 is a direct fit if you want to save 2g off the AUW. I've flown it outdoors with a light breeze, it does get pushed about a bit but this things great outdoors, really is quite fast. I'm having a blast with it. Get one bought!

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  • 13/01/2022

    che dire! uno spasso! l'elicottero arriva in una scatola di cartone avvolta da una busta di plastica non protetta, infatti la scatola risulta ammaccata e danneggiata sia sul fronte che sul retro. Come prodotto non è male, i 15 minuti di volo sono reali, le doti di volo sono quelle di un giocattolo, molto lento nei movimenti e difficilmente manovrabile in presenza di vento. Ha il decollo ed atterraggio automatico, non bisogna superare i 15 minuti o attera ovunque senza preavviso. sotto al ciclico sta un led che indica la carica della batteria, fisso è completamente carica, lampeggia lento quasi scarica, lampeggia velocemente completamente scarica. permette al principiante ed al più esperto di volare sentendosi sicuro. consiglio molta attenzione vicino ad ostacoli in quanto non ha sensori di prossimità. Il radiocomando viene alimentato da 4 pile stilo. arrivato nei tempi previsti. venditore serio ed affidabile.

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  • 26/10/2021

    Il prodotto è arrivato in 3 giorni. Imballaggio integro. Provate tutte le funzioni. Batterie già cariche al 75%. Effettuato un volo di prova indoor. Questa volta devo ringraziare Banggood.

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  • 17/05/2022

    Chegou tudo em perfeito estado de conservação. Recomendo.

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  • 22/04/2021

    Even in Japan, if you use the OpenTX radio with technical suitability, you can fly without problems.

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  • 28/11/2020

    Good heli . Flight 14 minutes at 0 degrees. Very very quiet.

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