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  • 03/07/2021

    I tried to fly FPV after many trainings on the Liftoff simulator. And let me tell you, it still wasn't good. If I didn't want to break my FPV quadcopter, I had to come up with something that would bring me closer to reality. And this little thing E013 did it. I have no words to describe it. It is amazing, light, agile and most importantly. You can train with it at home indoors. It helped me a lot to get skills from real FPV flights in real space and especially to get used to FPV glasses. Great, great, great.

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  • 18/08/2021

    It’s an ok beginner mini drone for indoor and outdoor flying but in low wind conditions only. I thought I had ordered the version with the FPV Goggles but looks like I didn’t which sucks but the drone itself flies really great and the remote transmission goes pretty far for something so small, so no issues there. But I really wish I had ordered the right one with goggles because that’s what I was expecting. Guess I just have to find some goggles to use with it. The price is ok.

    Ukázat originál
  • 04/12/2021

    Endless fun. Spare parts for each part. Very good price. Necessary purchase to enter the world of Fpv drone without much expense. Ατέλειωτη διασκεδαση. Ανταλλακτικά για κάθε μέρος. Πολύ καλή τιμή. Απαραίτητη αγορά για να μπείτε στο κόσμο του Fpv drone χωρίς πολλά έξοδα.

    Ukázat originál
  • 29/09/2021

    一言で言うなら、オールインワンなドローンセットです。 TVディスプレイに接続すれば、家族でワイワイしながら家中をコースにタイムレースが出来ます。 一回の充電で、FPVゴーグルを使用した負荷状態で4分は持ちます。充電時間も40分と明記通りです。 耐久性は、何度となく壁に激突しましたが、全く問題ありません。 贅沢を言えば、GPSが機能すると完璧なのですが、バッテリーの容量問題があるのでしょう。毎回調整ボタンで、ホバリング位置のチューニングをしなければならず、面倒ですが慣れれば数秒で終わります。 唯一気になった点は、写真に撮りましたが、バッテリーのコネクタを本体に取り付け難く、外し難いところです。年配者は出来ませんでした。 とは言うものの、良い点が凌駕しており、全体的には満足な商品です。

    Ukázat originál
  • 01/07/2021

    Biztos jó móka ez a kis gép csak már megint van némi probléma. A távirányító hamar lemerül (1 perc) és így nem képes csatlakozni a géphez. valószínű egyedi eset. A gép viszonylag jó képet juttat a VR szemüveghez. Nyilván nem össze hasonlítható DJI FPV madárral.

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  • 23/06/2021

    I'm a seasoned droner so this is meant as a toy for me and it does NOT disappoint. I absolutely love this little thing. It's quick, resilient, and video range is descent. I recommend adding a dollop of hot glue where the antenna meets the canopy to stiffen the antenna connection to the VX. When you crash into something, and you will or you aren't flying aggressive enough, it will prevent the connection to the VX from being compromised. I fly mine at full speed in and out of TIGHT spaces throughout the house. Even under furniture Instead of using my goggles I fly it using a monitor I bought here on Banggood. Definitely buy this drone, and get extra batteries. You'll be happy you did

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    Ukázat originál
  • 05/05/2022

    За эти деньги просто находка для тех кто хочет понять надо ли ему это или в подарок ребенку. Очень хорошо летает и управлять им одно удовольствие.

    Ukázat originál
  • 21/12/2021

    el paquete llegó dañado y tardo en llegar pero después de eso el producto es exelente drone para comenzar en el fpv, muy intuitivo, muy bueno para interiores, es el mejor paquete que puedes encontrar económico para comenzar a ser un piloto de drones.

    Ukázat originál
  • 16/09/2021

    Spedizione molto buona 10 giorni pacco ben imballato il mini drone con occhiali fpv è fantastico e di buona fattura molto divertente. Che dire complimenti a Banggood's.

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  • 17/06/2021

    This product is real fun for fpv beginners. It's really easy to use, it has self-leveling (no acro unluckily) and the propeller guards really help to avoid any damage. There are just few things i did not like about this product: 1- The button on the drone is impossible to press without unscrewing the whole cap on top. I don't know if it was faulty on my drone or it's just like that but it sucks... Luckily you don't have to press it that often. 2- one of the antennas was completely ripped of when i unboxed the drone. The camera antenna just wasn't there when I took it out of the box and after checking under the foam i found it. It's pretty easy to weld it back where it should have been but it's really annoying. However the drone can fly and send video feed even without the antenna, but you loose video feed after 10-15 meters. You'll definetly need to buy some extra batteries, they only last 4 to 5 minutes, but that's okay! The drone itself gets 4/5 stars for this price, but I'll put 3 stars for the antenna (untill it'll get repaired or replaced).

    Ukázat originál

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