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  • 10/12/2020

    UK based first Banggood e-bike buyer here! I’ve been playing with the idea of purchasing an e-bike or an e-scooter for my work commute for a few months now. COVID has certainly made me reconsider my usual method of commute via an overcrowded train! I didn’t want to spend the earth and set my budget at max £600. After a few months mulling over a bike or a scooter I decided on a bike. I also wanted an e-bike with a throttle (I know… technically naughty in the UK!) but I’d say those e-scooters are more eye-catching to the cops than a guy on a bike at least pretending to peddle! I thought long and hard about whether to take the risk of ordering from Banggood as I’ve heard some horror stories. But… wow… I ordered on 1st December and just received it today on 10th December. Ok the listing said it was ‘UK Stock’ and it ended up coming from Poland, but the 10 day delivery was much better than I was expecting. I also purchased using PayPal credit just for some extra protection. But I needn’t have worried. The box was a little battered but nothing too bad. The bike was snug inside and on first inspection looks in excellent nick. I made the mistake of buying mudguards separately for £20 but the bike comes with mudguards! I have set it all up and affixed the mudguards and it’s looking mighty fine! The brakes do need adjusting a bit as they do rub out of the box, but that it expected after transit I’d say. Just took it out for a little test ride after unlocking to 36kph and wow… that thing can move when you use the throttle! What it’s capable of is more than enough for me. Any faster would feel unsafe IMO. I’ve always ridden mountain bikes in the past so was a little worried about the riding position, but again it feels all good to me! Looking forward to taking this out on a commute next week! I’ve only had the bike for a few hours but I feel more than pleased with the product and the service from Banggood! Any questions about my experience I am @blue_flyby on twitter.

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  • 22/04/2021

    Order details: Ordered in April 02 from CZ with the 1week delivery. Shipped in April 07 Received in April 14 The 1 week delivery was not achieved. Product review: Nice bike like many others mentioned. The bike is not too heavy. It is in the same range of similar bikes (20 Kg aprox). In fact, it is below to similar bikes but it is because no back rack is included. The bike had no scratches or any damage. Everything worked correctly and the gears were quite good adjusted. The bolts were checked and they were also correct. Wheels were also correctly aligned. After charging the bike was tested. It works smooth and I cannot feel much difference between a normal bike (I had a heavy one too). The throttle is a nice and works great. Unfortunately it is not allowed in Germany. The pedaling assist system I don't like. The reason why it has quite delay before it starts and there is no way to set a low speed with it. There is no chance to setup different behaviour, I contacted the Fiido support and they confirmed it. So the only thing that you can do on that bike is to unlock the max speed but not to set a lower speed (legal reasons behind). For the price the bike is fantastic and even adding different accessories and changing the controller or other parts to make it legal in Germany, the price will be below to similar bikes.

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  • 21/11/2020

    Bicycle was received after 10 days from the order with UPS. Packing was excellent and the bike did not have any scratches. Assembly was easy. Front and rear mudguards were included in the box, although it was not mentioned in the desription. Very happy with the quality of the bike, the quick dispatch and the price.

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  • 11/11/2020

    WOW JUST AWESOME.. I Bought this bike to help me get around and it is definitely is doing the job, I have had the bike about 2 months now and its been great, I have done nearly 200 miles in distance and the bike has been flawless, I highly recommend this bike.. You can see my unboxing and assembly video on YouTube (marc rc addict), and a follow up review video with upgrades is coming very soon.. The bike has a really nice build quality, for a 250w brushless motor it has good power too, it has no problem getting me up steep hills, the battery lasts a long time too, on average giving me around 30 miles distance and that is with the bike being used on the highest power setting.. I highly recommend this bike, its great value for the money, and with just a few cheap upgrades or add ons its just amazing..

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  • 13/05/2021

    I love this bike. but please be aware that is not coming ready to ride(looks like but is not). at first I was very annoyed because the horrible noises on the brakes and the wheels in general, but after a minimal adjustment and some grease here and there, the bike becomes my favourite toy. I got two and both of them have the same issues... so take your time or take to a bike shop for a quick service. I add a pic of how dry the sourcing maps are.

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  • 22/02/2021

    como fue mi primer pedido ,estuve algo indeciso , pero fue todo por ser principiante ,ahora puedo decir que banggod cumple y mucho con lo que dice. la entrega fue por SEUR llego muy rapido la FIDO D4S ES UNA bicicleta de calidad pesa menos de lo que parece , sin duda volveria a comprar en esta tienda ,. ha!! se me olvidaba trae herramientas para su montage y viene muy bien empaquetada

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  • 15/07/2021

    Pierwsze wrażenie bardzo pozytywne , paczka dotarła nie uszkodzona dobrze zabezpieczona, w paczce oprócz roweru również błotniki , z opisu nie wynikało że będą w zestawie a jestem przekonany że nie były dokładane tylko pakowane fabrycznie. Rower wymaga minimum uwagi ,trzeba chyba wyregulować hamulce bo po pierwszej jeździe tylny hamulec u mnie hamuje pulsacyjnie i mam nadzieję że to pomoże a nie będzie skrzywiona tracza hamulca, koła trzeba napompować i wydaje mi się że 2bar jak podaj producent to jednak za mało chociaż to pewnie zależy od wagi użytkownika przy mojej wadze 90kg i 180cm pompowałem prawie na max zalecane przez producenta 3bar_y. Więcej opinii wstawię za kilka dni jak już przetestuje rower na urlopie. Jedyny minus jak na razie to czas dostawy , rower zamówiony 4 lipca dotarł do mnie 15 lipca chociaż sprzedawca podaje czas wysyłki 5_7 dni .

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  • 23/11/2020

    I got the Fiido DS4 bike very quickly and without any problems. Unpacking and assembling is easy! I've only tested once so far. It is light, it folds quickly. I put the folding pedals myself, it's better. I'm glad I bought the bike. Mainly for its weight and size. It fits easily into the car. Thank you.

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  • 18/03/2021

    Buyed the bike 4 March, received 16 March. Some marks on the box, but the bike was in perfect condition :) The fenders came in the box, but a lot of screws/parts were missing to mount them. Luckily i had enough screws and nuts to mount them. Just made a small 10 km ride and all seems ok for now. 🙂🙂

    Ukázat originál
  • 20/11/2020

    Ce vélo est bien. Il est petit et donc pratique et il faut s'habituer au guidon la direction est vive. Le moteur est super même à deux dessus pour les trajets école avec ma fille.

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