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  • 18/11/2021

    arrived fast and the package was fine. it could have some filling material in the big box though. i was kind of worried because it couldn't connect with the app and strangled for almost a month with the support, fotos, videos etc just to finally send me a data file and upgrade the cam. i suppose it didn't have the needed data of our internet carriers here in Greece. i would expect them to already know this problem and solve it faster as i have seen many people facing the same issue. After 2 days of use i can definitely say i am very satisfied. the solar panel does its job very well even in cloudy weather and while testing the cam all day long in high sensitivity, hd video quality, in rf mode(no light). i see min 90% charge(i haven't bought the cheapest batteries). something that was also bothering me before was if the cam can be used just with the tf card and when i read my tf card before i made the upgrade, i found a bunch of fotos and videos stored there! so yes it can be used but you would probably need to find a way to mute it because it keeps asking for pairing! the people from the support were kind and fast so i am not happy about it but i have to take off 1 star because of all the wasting of time.

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  • 19/03/2021

    i love this camera 😍 all my horses can i see. very nice in the night

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  • 01/02/2021

    obrigado produto chegou rápido ainda instalei 👏

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  • 27/11/2021

    Buena Calidad. Necesita 6 x Baterías recargables (3.7V) por su alto consumo

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  • 21/05/2021

    Logística de proasta calitate

    Ukázat originál
  • 21/12/2021

    prestalo mi fungovať otáčanie kamery a svetlo

    Ukázat originál
  • 22/12/2020

    we have now used this camera for a week, this camera is draining my batteries like ice cream in the desert. all batteries measured 4,18V or higher for 6 pcs of 18650 and its not even lasted 24H with activity. but otherwise all seems good. easy set up and great possibility to steer the camera remotely to have the full picture what's happening around your camera.

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  • 15/12/2020


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  • 20/11/2020

    Lokkinng solid build.

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  • Jim

    i am extremely pleased.. delivery was before expected delivery date, 4g connectivity was instant, no hassle with UBOX app, the camera is fast and the connection quality is awesome, even with 2 bars on 4g it still sends fluid video without break or hiccups.. noe for some details.. i have several ESCAM wifi units at a remote location thru a hotspot 200km away, and if the batteries are fully charged when initially installed the solar panel does an excellent job maintaining them full.. solar charge performance is roughly 35% of capacity daily using 8 x 18650 2500mah batteries so if you install them new with less than 65% charge, they will take 1-2 days to fully charge due to night time use that depletes the batteries, but once full.. they are effortlessly recharged and maintained back to 100% but they end of the day, 85% or more charge will fully charge by mid day another advantage of this particular solar panel is it charges even in clouds, nothing to brag about but still charges during clouds, 10-15% power output with NO SUN AT ALL, my ESCAM wifi units deplete the batteries at a rate of 5%-10% nightly under PIR use, 10-15 triggers nightly and they are recharged during cloudy days back to 100% effortlessly, which is awesome for me cause they are so far away

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