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  • 12/09/2020

    Overall this is a Incredible beginner kit, but I had a number of quality control issues with it. Lets go in parts: The carrying case is really good, but the layout of the foam could be better. The charger only has 4 ports. 2 for 1s and 2 for 2s, It has a switch for choosing between 4.2v and 4.35v but surprisingly it only works for the 2s ports. The 1s port ALWAYS charges to 4.35v which is super annoying, I had to get another 1s charger. The 2 batteries that come with it aren't nearly enough, you'll want to buy at least 5 more so you can have decent amounts of flight time. The goggles are very small, almost kid sized. It comes with a little power supply box with a 18650 inside. It was missing a rubber relief on the wire so I had to hot glue the wire to avoid breaking it. The built in led flashs green when charging and red when its done, which is the opposite of the controller. The controller is a little too big and is front heavy due to the placement of the 18650 inside, which makes it annoying to hold. The power indicator is useless as it is behind a grey piece of plastic which makes it invisible. I have forgotten the damn thing on way too many times. I also had major issues with the throttle stick randomly jittering that made the drone nearly unflyable, I had to open it up and carefully bend the thumbstick open so I could clean the inside with a brush. That fixed it. For now. The charging LED indicator flashes red when charging and green when it's done which is the opposite of the goggles. The drone: The antenna fell off. Yup. After 3 flights as well. I had to go to a computer repair shop and ask them to solder a new one in. What happened is that the plastic cover was trimmed a little too deep, the only thing holding it in place was the hair thin wire in the core of the wire. The screws that hold the camera in place suck, they unscrew themselves every few flights, I had to loctite them in place which renders the angle adjustment useless. Character limit..

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  • 26/01/2021

    For years I’ve told people to buy one of these kits to get started in FPV but never actually had one in my hands until I bought it here from banggood at a pretty cheap price. The emax tinyhawk II beginner kit all in all, is a pretty good starter for FPV. The tinyhawk II itself is like a tank, you can crash it a lot and it's not going to easily break. That's what makes it good for newbies. The controller is wacky -- but for this price point, don't worry about it. The tinyhawk II kit gets the job done if you want to be in the air, and flying, with no software or programming knowledge needed. The goggles came pre-tuned to the exact channel and band that it needed to be on, and the drone was pre-bound to the controller. 100% ready to fly. I strongly recommend flying the tinyhawk II on 1s batteries only, especially as a beginner. If you fly 2s make sure you choose the correct rate profile! I personally like how it flies on 1s the best, the motors are really specc'd for 1s flight. If you want to see some flight footage, I did a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAu681Ud0HU The goggles are reasonable. They didn't strain my eyes, did not feel heavy, and they have a focal adjustment slider. I was happy that they fit with my glasses on. If you wear glasses and the frames aren't huge, they should fit into these goggles! Sadly there no DVR on the goggles though, which is what I wish it had. If you want to upgrade to a better transmitter and goggles in the future, the tinyhawk will work with them. So you are buying a drone that you can keep using if you like the FPV hobby. The goggles will also work with any other analog based drone, so if you purchase better goggles in the future you can keep these as a ride along for friends and family. :)

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  • 19/08/2020

    arrived about 4 to 5 days earlier than estimated, packed safely. the product was in mint condition, and its an amazing little drone. for my first steps into quad flying its a top must by...no manual so is abit confusing at first but all pdf files can be found online very quickly. had fof about a week or so now and its a fantastic little drone for beginners an pros alike. durable, fast, lightweight. ideal indoors but dose work well outside in light to no winds 450ft distance atleast. would highly recommend

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  • 03/11/2020

    Great little drone. for £120 you get a great deal. all of the pack is great quality. In the pack you get one 1S and one 2S battery. I'd suggest for the first time flyer you use the smaller battery as it handles very nicely with that. the quality on the headset dusplay is very good. this is perfect for someone that wants to learn to fly an FPV. But buy more batteries. one only lasts a couple of minutes and you will want more air time. you can get a pack of 4 600mh batteries for about £15 if you look.

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  • 16/10/2020

    I've ordered 2 TH2 rtf kits, one for my cousin too. I have it for a month now, it is a really good indoor flyer for beginners and pro's (really takes a beating). The tinyhawk 2 flies best on 1s indoors, and on a no windy day it is really fun to fly outdoors. I've set the angle limit to 45° to have a bit more speed because i fly in a barn of a typical Dutch farm. Make sure you order some extra batteries because the flight time average about 3.5 min to 4 min indoors, and for me 2.5 min outdoors on 1s with full stick deflection

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  • 19/11/2020

    Arrived in EU within 10 days. Everything works and binds together on the first click-no need to adjust. It is my first fpv drone, indoors it flies like a rocket, can’t wait to get out with it!

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  • 22/02/2021

    Schneller Versand aus dem EU-Lager! Bin neu in dem Bereich eingestiegen und mit der Tinyhawk 2 und dem Set ist man für den Anfang mehr als bestens ausgestattet. Würde ich jedem Anfänger empfehlen.

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  • 30/07/2020

    Excelente produto funcionando perfeitamente. O case está danificado mas com certeza foi acidente no transporte infelizmente tem muitas pessoas ruins no mundo.

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  • 26/05/2021

    Works very well! A little hard to fly from a Mavic user, but is easy to learn on it, is very durable, it has withstand a few crashes. You will want to buy a couple extra batteries, I buy several 1S batteries. The only negative I have is that the 2S battery included came a swollen, is not a big issue since I wasn't planning to use it. Controller and goggles came pre-sync which is good, there is no physical manual, but there's the QR Code which directly sends you to the digital manual. Goggles feels nice, but the controller feels a little cheap compared to others that I have used.

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  • 26/03/2021

    As a total beginner, I'm really impressed with the drone, but I am already starting to think I should have bought the goggles and controller separately. The controller is a little glitchy but seems to resolve itself with a restart and the goggles are quite small. That being said, the picture quality is really very good for the price. As a hassle free starter kit, it really is a good choice.

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