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  • 10/07/2021

    Im over the moon happy and satisfied I ordered the printer last Monday and received it today after 5-days. and to be completely honest I missed the pickup yesterday. I'm a completely new to 3D printning but easy got the printer assembled. Pro tip if you have some problems check the bed levling. So yea super happy with My purchase and would definitely recommend

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  • 04/01/2021

    Muy buena relación calidad precio. La arme en unas dos horas, no es complejo las instrucciones estan muy claras pero me tome mi tiempo en validar cada parte y que todo quedara bien el único inconveniente es que no esta bien centrada la base por lo cual use una cuña para que no se tambalee. Configuración y nivelación muy fácil de realizar antes tenia una delta y era una pesadilla ya que este proceso era también manual pero con esta es solo apretar o aflojar en la base y listo. No incluye el cable usb para conectarlo al PC de resto incluye todos los accesorios y herramientas necesarias para su armado.

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  • 04/11/2020

    The Creality Ender3 Pro is my first printer, so I am new to the whole world of 3D printing. After reading quite a few reviews on different brands, I decided on the Ender3 Pro from Banggood in Australia. It seemsto have a very active community of users and offered great advice on modifications and upgrades. Assembly was relatively straight forward with most steps on the supplied printed sheet being easy to understand and complete without problems. It is very important that all supporting parts, extruded rails, runners etc, are aligned accurately otherwise you will have to re-do the alignment again once it is all assembled. There will always be a certain amount of final re-adjustment (tweeking) to do when fully assembled though. After assembly, and turned on for the first time, everything seemed to work as it should. The LCD screen was easy to read and all functions worked when stepping through the menus. I leveled the bed, which is very easy with the large adjustment wheels, and decided to print two different models from the supplied TF card, and for the first prints I have ever done, they turned out perfectly. I know there are a lot of mods and upgrades out there for the Ender3 Pro, but if all my prints turn out as good as these, I don't see myself needing any upgrades in the near future, but maybe some mods and additions that I can print on the machine would be useful. As a person new to 3D printing, I'm very pleased with the performance of the Ender3 Pro. Thanks Banggood.

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  • 30/12/2020

    Impressora 3d espetacular, com ótima qualidade- preço, nos primeiros tempos demora-se um pouco mais a tentar ajustar todos os parâmetros mas depois é super fácil imprimir. O filamento branco que vinha na embalagem ainda deu para 3 impressões pequenas. A montagem da impressora demorou cerca de 1h mas foi bastante simples, com todas as ferramentas necessárias e ainda trouxe peças suplentes. O pacote chegou super rápido (3 dias).

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  • 13/05/2021

    Excellent 3D printer for a beginner, easy to get started. Requires some upgrades to be perfect. PROS: cheap, easy to get started, compatible with Ultimaker CURA software. CONS: Quality control could be better because my printing bed came a little warped (concave in the middle) had to add some sheets of paper under the magnetic mat, my Z axis stepper motor had some bent pins I had to straighten. No spare belts in the kit, bowden tube has some play, bowden tube couplers should be upgraded.

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  • 30/01/2021

    impresionante , aún estoy aprendiendo a utilizarla pero así de primeras un diez !!! el envío llego en dos días , el producto llega perfectamente embalado , montaje en 1 hora facilísimo . para el precio que tiene para iniciarse en la impresión 3d me parece una impresora impresionante , recomendadidiismo .

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  • 01/01/2021

    I am giving this five stars even tho it was delivered to the wrong address on the Dec. 22 and I did not get the printer until Dec. 30. It was delivered to a house several streets away and they were good enough to finally bring it to me. I tried contacting Banggood several times but got no response. While trying to resolve this problem I also found another problem with Banggood's website. If you need to change the email address you had better do it before the old email stop working because you have to get a confirmation from the old address before you can enter the new one. Now, with that said, the printer came well packaged and I was able to assemble it with no problems. There were several Youtube videos that were very helpful in getting my printer assembled quickly and with few problems. The printer works very well and I love it. Unfortunately I will not be using Banggood's website anymore because I have no way to change to my new email address. Sorry for the long review, but I order a lot of products online and I feel that if I am able to save someone a little time by letting them know what I experienced then it's worth it. Hope this helps, Ohawk

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  • 29/10/2020

    very good begginers printer. I've ordered tons of extras for it expecting a lot of work to get a decent print but... I haven't had to use any of them except for the glass bed! (the aluminium bed is not straight at all and it is very very very difficult to level the bed without using a glass plate). I've printed the test dog first and then a lid for the back of the LCD. all is 100% my wife is now on board with the idea so win win situation! now to make an enclosure!!!!

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  • 26/02/2021

    El producto llegó bien, con un ligero golpe en la caja(por parte de la paquetería) pero nada se daño. Es fácil de armar si sigues el manual y aun mas fácil si te apoyas con un video tutorial, jamás había ensamblado una impresora 3d, es la primera ocasión y no se me complico nada. hice el pedido el 22 de Enero y llegó hasta el 17 de Febrero, el problema que tuve es que la paquetería jamás hizo el intento de entregar mi paquete y no me dieron ningún aviso de que tenia que ir por el. Tuve que ir yo a la paquetería (correos de México) me hicieron pagar un impuesto de $615 pesos aprox..., asi que al final pude tener mi paquete hasta el 23 de Febrero, el problema no es el pago del impuesto, mas bien es el "servicio" de correos de México, es muy malo, tarde poco mas de una hora parado fuera del local, y algunos tratan mas a los clientes. Te recomiendo totalmente esta impresora si es que solo quieres experimentar o iniciar en el mundo del 3d, pero de ser posible , paga para otra paquetería , en mi caso todo salió "bien" no se "perdió" mi paquete, pero puede pasar muchas cosas.

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  • 22/01/2021

    I've just assembled the printer and, apart from a screw missing its slot, all parts fitted perfectly. The instruction manual needs some improvements but you'll find lots of tutorials online to help you assemble the printer. You'll also find lots of good ideas to improve your printer, many of which you can print as soon as it's running. I've already printed a few parts and I'm pleasantly surprised with the good quality of the results.

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