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  • 18/06/2023

    Very sturdy cable made of high durability nylon material (braided cord) and Zinc alloy (housings). Both Type-C connectors are solid and well made. The product arrived sealed in the BlitzWolf branded carton box. Apart from cable, the box includes a 12-month warranty card. Each housing measures 40.5 x 11.7 x 8.2 mm. Cord's thickness is 4mm. The built-in display is dull which makes it difficult to read under sunny/bright environment. On the other hand, it doesn't disturb your eyes while you sleep. I tested the cable with my Poco phone, 45W Mi powerbank and Ulanzi mini video light and also paired it with Baseus and Ugreen chargers. It works flawlessly while power reading is fairly precise even at very low currents-voltages. I've got to say that the cable's measurements lagging quite a bit behind (around 2 seconds). According to my output testings the cable's (2m) supported max output is 98W at 20V PD3.0. In addition, I measured a low temperature of only 32°C (89°F). I measured a value of 0.100 Ohm for the internal resistance of the cable. I'm very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it for any charging use.

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  • 22/09/2022

    Quite soft and flexible cable, Blitzwoolf guarantees the quality of materials and construction. The screen is easy to read indoors but against the Greek sun it has an issue, in some car charger for example. Very good price on offer under 10€ the decimal two meter. Αρκετά μαλακό και εύκαμπτο καλώδιο, η Blitzwoolf εγγυάται την ποιότητα των υλικών και κατασκευής. Η οθόνη ευανάγνωστη σε εσωτερικούς χώρους αλλά κόντρα στον ελληνικό ήλιο έχει θέμα, σε κάποιο φορτιστή αυτοκινήτου για παράδειγμα. Πολύ καλή τιμή σε προσφορά κάτω από δεκαδικό το διμετρο.

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