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  • 22/01/2021

    Formidable, très bien. Le son est très moyen mais en le branchant sur une chaine hi-fi ou un ampli haut-parleur à fil c'est ok. Pour information, j'ai acheté un transmetteur-récepteur Bluetooth filaire que je connecte au piano d'un côté (prise casque) et à mon enceinte Sony ou mon casque Bose en Bluetooth (photo 1 et 2) et là c'est le top. Merci, je recommande le vendeur qui a été très précis pour l'acheminement et les étapes de livraison.

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  • 07/01/2021

    Très bien, très agréable ! Il faut mettre un petit ampli haut parleur à fil (il n'y a pas de Bluetooth) pour obtenir un bon son. C'est écrit en chinois mais on trouve la traduction facilement sur Google. Il y a une pédale et un sac de transport. Très bien conçu, et les charnières se rétractent en appuyant dessus pour ne pas gêner les mains en jouant. Très bon produit pour s'entraîner dans un petit espace. Je recommande le clavier. J'en ai commandé 2 autres pour offrir à mes amis pour le prix et la qualité, ce n'est pas chère. Tout le monde chez moi trouve le piano très sombre et joli, on y joue très facilement même si on me dit qu'il manque de profondeur aux touches (longueur, 1 cm plus long aurait été bien). Le son du clavier est pourri mais avec un ampli via le fil de la prise casque (ou avec un bon casque) c'est top. J'ai branché un transmetteur Bluetooth pour mon ampli Bluetooth Sony, le son est très bon. La charge se fait avec la prise d'un téléphone usb/micro-Usb, 2h pour le plein de batterie ensuite on a pu jouer environ 3h avant que le son décline, mais en branchant sur le secteur, on peut continuer de jouer. Il y a aussi un boite à rythme + d'autres translateur de clavier, métronome etc... C'est assez complet et assez pro tout de même. C'est + que la description de l'article. Je recommande le vendeur et le produit. Il ne manque que le Bluetooth et se sera tip top complet ! J'attends la version Bluetooth.

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  • 01/02/2021

    nice product, thank you

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  • 10/08/2020

    If you are wondering if this is a scam, then good news, it is not XD. This piano will be a good idea for beginners when you first start to learn how to play it, and it's super duper convenient, easy to move around and put it away if you don't have much space in your room. It's maybe not as good as the actual piano, but for me as a student staying far away from home and my beloved grand piano in a dorm room, it keeps me entertaining and practicing. Anyways, I was really afraid at first because after I'd already ordered it, I looked around and a lot people said that it's a scam or it's not existed in real life, etc, but I've got it and it's amazing. Good luck to you future pianists XOXO

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  • 11/06/2021

    Eine schöne kleine Tastatur. Der Klang ist ok. Sie ist sehr leicht und kompakt. Es wäre perfekte Entscheidung für Unterwegs, wenn die Tastengröße der Originalgröße entsprach. Die Tasten sind zu kurz, was die Tastatur für eine echte Übung unbrauchbar macht. Man muss sich an der Tastatur gewöhnen und von dem normalen Klavier entwöhnen, was bringt ein Risiko, wenn man sich für ein Wettbewerb im Urlaub vorbereitet. Für die Kinder, die an einem normalen Klavier professionell spielen, empfehle ich das Modell nicht. Die Lieferung nach Deutschland aus Tschechien war super schnell. Mal sehen, wie es mit der Rückgabe läuft. Es sieht zur Zeit nicht so einfach aus.

    Ukázat originál
  • 10/11/2020

    Erstaunlich gut. Nach ständigem Generve mit einem Rollklavier war das ein neuer Versuch für ein portables Teil zum Klavierüben. Keine doppelten Tastenanschläge mehr und alle Töne werden gespielt. Nur die Tonqualität ist etwas piepsig, aber vielleicht kann man das mit einem externen Lautsprecher beheben...

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  • 26/10/2020

    Quite fast shipping from CZ warehouse. This is the only keyboard that it is really portable and 88 keys. So it is very good for practicing on a trip but only for that, not for professional use. I plan on using it for my trips. It is not touch sensitive but this is normal in this price range. One star less for a bad manual, only chinese and almost useless.

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  • 09/09/2020

    The package was delivered within 2 weeks, surprisingly fast, because 6 weeks was estimated at ordering. However the package appeared somewhat damaged and the was some damage to the piano as well. Part of the notes-stickers stuck to the packaging bag, but could with some difficulty pried loose. A few key of the piano had come loose, but I managed to wriggle and push them in place again. The included manual was a bad surprise: Although the title was in English, all of the contents were in Chinese ONLY! As is the case with the function buttons on the piano. But I managed to discover the use of the function buttons by experimenting. Buyers should be aware that the name of the product "Midiplus" is somewhat deceptive: This piano has NO midi-input or output. But the product details also not claim to support midi interfaces. Having said that, I would not be surprised if the internal electronics use midi-signals for internal communication, but I do not have the equipment to verify this. An idea for the manufacturer to upgrade a next version with midi interfaces perhaps? The on/off button is terribly small and hard to operate. The mechanical build of this piano is very delicate. Although it can be transported in the included transport bag, I would recommend to package it in a wooden or metal box to prevent damage. To unfold and use it on a stable and even surface is really a must. To push down and pop up the front hinges is rather tricky. A bit long and strong fingernails are required. Despite the 2 small built-in speaker the sound appeared quite acceptable for a study piano. However the keys are NOT touch sensitive. The volume can only be adjusted with the function keys. There is a function to transpose the tone scale some notes up or down, but no minor off-scale frequency adjustments. Pressing the keys longer or using the pedal will sustain the selected notes. The biggest advantages are the size and portability.

    Ukázat originál
  • 03/05/2021

    One of the white keys came detached but I was able to put it back quite easily. The sound is very artificial and the keys don't feel like the real thing BUT it is perfect for practicing anywhere you want (as long as you have the space to unfold it, of course). Very happy with the product and very excited to start playing. I found it expensive for all it offers though (the dollar<->real fluctuation didn't help either) however the reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I believe that, with all the technology humans developed so far, it's definetly possible to make an unfoldable piano that feels closer to a real piano both sound and phisically wise.

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  • 28/04/2021

    I originally ordered this item from China last year. After two weeks I gave up because it never shipped (no fault of Banggood; carrieres to the US were hard to find during he pandemic). Imagine my surprize when I later found the same iten ON SALE and available in my local (US) warehouse. I received it within a week of ordering it. It is a nice little keyboard. Very lightweight and portable. It responds reasonably well to finger touch, and offers a huge selection of voices (well, maybe sounds!). It is well worth the price and great for travel.

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