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  • 22/10/2020

    Τo δεύτερο που παίρνω μιας και το πρώτo ήταν τόσo για τον πτ που σκoρπισε ο διaκoπτης την δεύtερη μέρa. Πaλι καλά μου επέστρεψaν τα λεφτά και το βγάλαvε κaπάκι προσφορά και το ξανά πήρα aλλiώς θα περvάν τα αρχ μου οι Κιvέζoι. Ας όψετai που θέλω τους πόvtους αλλiώς σiγά μην έβaζα 5 αστέρια στη μαλaκία. Νταξ βαράει κaμία 500αρα μέτρα τoυλάχιστον άλλα πολύ κινεζιa ρε παiδί μου.

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  • 21/08/2020

    6800mAh marking on battery is laughable, but it works. No polarity markings for battery installation, it needs to be positive towards the end cap switch in the rear. it was powerful enough to show some melting on black plastic bag material at 3 feet, so it's decently impressive, especially given the price. nice construction, and it warns bit to run it more more than 20 seconds at a time, so I'll keep it short. will see how long it actually lasts without burning up, hopefully it'll hold up okay. This version comes with a Euro charger plug rather than the US, but I had a auto transformer supply that I just stuck into the banana jacks, with the right spacing, so it'll be usable.

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  • 10/09/2020

    Holy Moly! :o) This Laser is awesome! I just received it today, and everything that was in the ad came with it! Just as described! I was surprised to see the Battery is an actual Name Brand, "UltraFire" 18650 battery with a 4200 Mah rating! ( The higher the Mah rating of a battery the more capacity or storage it has, so a 4200 Mah rated battery given the exact same set of circumstances as a 2100 Mah rated battery, will run twice as long in the exact same device. This battery will be waaaay more than enough to run this laser for an evening, especially since you are not supposed to run it for more than 20 seconds at a time. It's best to stay around ten seconds or so,..and to let it cool sufficiently before the next blast. AND I DO MEAN BLAST!! Wow! This laser blew my mind! :oO I was expecting a thin green line...like those cheapy cat toy lasers ( Although I was hoping it would be stronger )..but MAN! this Baby is potent! I shone it on the wall of my apartment in broad daylight hours, and I could hardly even look at the spot on the wall! The wall was only 10 feet away, but the little burning ball of lightning looked marble sized! ( although it wasn't!..it was just a couple millimeters wide I am sure )...but WOW! I feel like Zeus throwing lightning bolts around! Lol! I just got it on the charger now and it works great too ( red light while charging ) The keys work good too, although I can see that it is not as well made as it could be,...it might fail down the road? But I don't have any kids here, so I won't be using that at all. I took pics of just the unit, the charger, and I am showing the correct way to insert the battery!Poitive goes towards the tail end & not the laser diode end! ( There are no instructions ata all! But I figured it out by looking at the contacts ) I dont know if it has anti polarity protection or not? So you will want to not make a mistake! I might order more of these! I am amazed at the power of this beam! I cant wait till it's dark! :oO

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  • 08/02/2021

    VERY bright laser pointer. I bought this as a star pointer, as my nephew is getting into astronomy and we go out at night, but it's almost too strong to want to use for that. Certainly for responsible adult-only use. Haven't got my colleagues at the physics department to check it yet, but almost certainly not eye-safe. Okay build quality. Thread on battery compartment closure and key/lock a bit flimsy, but okay. Supplied battery and charger do the job. TL:DR. Not bad, but check this isn't a stronger laser than you need. And your local laws.

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  • 13/12/2020

    Jó minőségű fémház. A zár simán működik. A zöld fény nagyon erős. Emberek és állatok szemére veszélyes!! Nem találom a zoom lehetőséget. Az akkumulátor töltő EU szabány dugóval rendelkezik. Az elem + oldala a zár felé nézzen. Az akkumulátor lassan merül, a tlejesítmény nem hiszem, hogy 6800mAh. A fény nagy távolságon sem szóródik szét, pontban marad. Nagyon jó ár. A közeli tárgyakra irányítva lámpaként is használható.

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  • 25/09/2020

    This is my second Laser! I liked the first one so much, and this one is exactly the same except they even gave me the proper U.S. plug on the charger unit. This laser is amazing! I used the focus feature for the first time just indoors a few moments ago and it works great! I held the laser about two feet from the wall, and could adjust the beam from about 7 millimeters down to about 1 to 1-1/2 mm. wide. I have not tried lighting any matches yet, but it would not surprise me if this would be possible. I shined it on the wall about 15 feet away and the beam looks only like its a half a millimeter wide going through the air, and yet it appears to look marble sized on the wall! VERY INTENSE Laser! I may be ordering my third soon. For this price and yet still very good quality, I am extremely Pleased! :o) I Show correct battery installation in picture.

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  • 02/12/2020

    Parfait correspond au descriptif laser puissant certainement dangereux de couleur vert, sécurité avec les clés fonctionnel léger, batterie longue durée porte infini tracer laser

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  • 03/05/2021

    Laser super. W zestawie akumulator i dedykowana ładowarka. Nie mogę pominąć jednak czasu dostawy, który przekroczył 150 dni, ale szacunek za wywiązanie się z zamówienia. Polecam mimo wszystko.

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  • 07/03/2021

    It was shipped again, because I did not receive my first order. It seems it is a good quality product, but I see that it does not have very strong light and certainly much less than the ten miles described. I hope it continues working correctly. Thanks

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  • 11/01/2021

    I ordered two of these, one for myself and one for a friend. Both worked perfectly. The quality and feel of this laser pointer is great. It's brightness is amazing, you can easily see the beam indoors with the lights on and outdoors at night. When you shine it into the night sky it appears to go on forever and is clearly visible to all in the area. Very cool!

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