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    Super Recommended

    • (82)

      RECADATA 2.5 inch SATA III 64G/128G/256G MLC Internal Solid State Drive SSD Hard Drive Disk

      US$35.00 ~ 55.00 US$70.00

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    • (679)

      ORICO 2139U3-CR 2.5 inch Transparent USB3.0 HDD Hard Drive Enclosure Storage Case

      US$6.99 US$10.60

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    • (218)

      Original OV 80MB/S Class10 Micro SD Memory Card With Micro SD to SD Card Reader Set

      US$6.99 ~ 12.99 US$7.00

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    • (62)

      EAGET FU5 Fingerprint Encryption USB 2.0 Pen Drive USB Flash Drive 32G 64G

      US$37.43 ~ 51.43 US$58.71

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    USB Flash Drives

    • (298)

      8/16/32GB Portable Leather Mirco USB2.0 OTG Flash Drive U Disk

      US$8.31 ~ 14.31 US$16.53

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    • (16)

      EAGET K60 USB3.0 16/32/64 GB Waterproof Shockproof External USB Flash Drive Pen Drive

      US$21.99 ~ 29.99

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    • (12)

      Original MIXZA iU-007 3 in 1 OTG Flash Drive 32/64/128G for iPhone iPad PC with MFI Certification

      US$26.99 ~ 45.99 US$36.83

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    • (2)

      EAGET U86 USB3.0 USB Driver Ring Design Shockproof UDP Technology Metal Memory Stick


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    • (17)

      EAGET V90 USB 3.0 and Micro USB OTG Interface USB Flash Drive for Smartphone Computer Laptop

      US$15.99 ~ 20.49

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    • (7)

      EAGET U90 High Speed USB3.0 Flash Drive Waterproof ShockProof Metal Gold USB Disk

      US$12.99 ~ 28.99

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    • (5)

      HSTD-151 USB3.0 to Micro USB 16G 32G 64G Flash Drives U Disk For PC and OTG Smartphone

      US$12.10 ~ 30.10 US$14.14

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    • (4)

      HSTD-154 USB to Micro USB 64G 32G 16G Flash Drives U Disk For PC and OTG Smartphone

      US$10.29 ~ 14.29

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    • (0)

      16G USB2.0 Christmas Snowman Wristband Shape USB Flash Drive


    Hard Drives

    • (12)

      Eaget G30 2T USB 3.0 External Hard Drive 5400 RPM 8M Cache Ultra Slim HDD

      US$66.99 ~ 127.99

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    • (8)

      Recadata mSata III MLC Flash 64 128 256Gb Internal Solid State Drives

      US$39.53 ~ 86.53 US$105.18

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    • (4)

      EAGET S300 120GB Internal Solid State Drive SSD M.2 SATA 3.0 NGFF Hard Drive

      US$56.53 US$75.75

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    • (3)

      Recadata m.2 TLC 120G 240G 2280 Internal Solid State Drives Hard Drive


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    Memory Cards

    • (78)

      OV 16GB 32GB Class10 Memory Card Secure Digital Card For Digital Camera DSLR

      US$10.09 ~ 13.09 US$17.00

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    • (1)

      Original Maikou Class10 64G TF Card Memory Card With Reader Set

      US$27.99 US$45.62

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    • (59)

      8G/16G/32G Class10 10M/S Black Memory TF Card for Camera DSLR

      US$7.20 ~ 14.20

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    Hard Drive Enclosures

    • (230)

      MAIWO K104 Tool-Free USB 3.0 SATA III Hard Drive Enclosures for 2.5inch HDD SSD

      US$7.99 US$16.16

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    • (68)

      All-Transparent High Speed USB 3.0 to SATA HDD SSD Hard Drive Enclosure Storage Case


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    • (12)

      ORICO 2789U3 USB 3.0 to SATA 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure with Silicone Cover For 2.5 inch HDD


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    • (53)

      Wavlink WL-ST344U EU USB3.0 to SATA Dual-Bay 2.5/3.5 Inch HDD SSD Hard Drive Enclosure

      US$41.61 US$49.49

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    • (25)

      5Gbps Super Speed USB 3.0 1-Bay SATA Hard Drive enclosure for 2.5'' 3.5'' HDD SSD

      US$24.95 US$27.91

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    • (22)

      US 2.5"3.5" ALL In One USB3.0 To SATA IDE HDD SSD Hard Drive Enclosure Offline Clone Card Reader Hub

      US$44.73 US$50.50

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    Card Readers

    • (776)

      USB All in 1 Multi Memory Card Reader for Micro SD MMC SDHC TF M2


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    Sync Data Cables

    • (31)

      MantisTek® T1 1M 1.8M USB 3.0 to Type-C 3A Quick Charge Sync Data Cable

      US$5.14 US$13.99

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    • (3)

      Vention VAS-A37 USB3.0 Type-C Flat Data Sync Charge Cable For PC Smartphone Table

      US$5.03 ~ 6.03 US$5.14

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