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    New& Hot Sale in Kitchen Small Tools15%off code:K15T

    • (33)

      Honana 2 GAL/8L Copper Moonshine Ethanol Alcohol Water Distiller Stainless Boiler Kitchen Brewing Wine Making Tools

      US$79.99 US$159.90

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    • (199)

      KCASA KF-2 5 Pieces Black Blade Ceramic Knife Set Multi-function Ergonomic Chef Knife Peeler Slicer

      US$28.32 US$40.92

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    • (48)

      KCASA KC-AA95 Electric Red Wine Auto Opener Stainless Steel Metallic Silver With Removable Free Foil Cutter

      US$21.99 US$39.99

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    • (84)

      KCASA KC-SP160 Creative Wine Whiskey Bottle Top Red Wine Stopper with Password BLACK

      US$4.39 US$5.99

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    • (30)

      KCASA KC-MH46 Zinc Alloy Meat Tenderizer Chicken Steak Pork Beef Hammer Mallet Pounder Kitchen Tools

      US$13.25 US$15.87

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    Make your Food More Accurate15%off code:K15T

    • (476)

      KCASA KC-TP500 Pen Shape High-performing Instant Read Digital BBQ Cooking Meat Food Thermometer

      US$6.99 US$9.87

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    • (145)

      KCASA JR-1 Multifunction Digital Cooking Thermometer BBQ Barbecue Outdoor Picnic Food Tester

      US$4.78 US$6.04

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    • (0)

      Loskii KCN-60 LCD BBQ Meat Cooking Thermometer Fork Electronic Barbecue Temperature Tester °C/°F Selection

      US$9.69 US$11.99

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    • (611)

      Honana HN-MS1 2000g 0.1g Mini Multi-unit Conversion Digital Electronic Kitchen Scale Pocket Jewelry

      US$14.31 US$24.94

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    • (39)

      Loskii KC-04 Electric Digital Kitchen Timer Big Digits Loud Alarm Magnetic Backing Stand with Large LCD Display Timer


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    • (83)

      Loskii KC-05 Upgraded 24-Hours Digital Kitchen Clock Cooking Timer Countdown Multifunction with Big Digits Loud Alarm Magnetic Backing Stand Memory for Cooking Baking Exercise

      US$7.47 US$23.30

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    • (15)

      Loskii KC-01 LCD Digital Kitchen Countdown Magnetic Timer Back Stand Cooking Timer Count UP Alarm Clock Kitchen Gadgets Cooking Tools


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    Cleaning Tool,Make it Clean

    • (781)

      Honana 2 Pcs Magic Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush Stick Metal Rust Remover Kitchen Cleaning Tools

      US$2.77 US$3.56

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    • (257)

      Honana Emery Sponge Brush Eraser Cleaner Kitchen Rust Cleaning Tool

      US$2.13 ~ 2.63 US$2.39

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    • (513)

      Honana RP11 4Pcs Reusable Silver Gas Range Protector Liner Non Stick Gas Hob Stove Top

      US$8.54 US$8.66

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    • (99)

      KCASA KC-CS05 Multi-purpose Silicone Dish Washing Cleaning Brush Scrubber Heat Resistant Pad Coaster

      US$3.99 US$5.99

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    • (393)

      Honana Kitchen Bathroom Wall Seal Ring Tape Waterproof Tape Mold Proof Adhesive Tape

      US$9.61 US$11.99

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    • (68)

      Strong Decontamination Nano Magic Sponge Cleaning Brush Cleaning Sponge Kitchen Tools

      US$1.62 US$2.55

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    Kitchen Storage Tool15%off code:K15T

    • (18)

      Plastic Double Layer Snack Box Multipurpose Lovely Bear Shape Phone Stand Kitchen Storage Container

      US$7.83 ~ 8.33 US$11.32

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    • (77)

      Honana Kitchen Portable Hanging Drain Bag Basket Bath Storage Gadget Tools Sink Holder

      US$3.94 US$5.99

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    Food Processing Machine15%off code:K15T

    • (20)

      3HP-2200W G5200 Fruits/Vegetables Blender Mixer Professional Electric Kitchen Appliance

      US$109.99 US$149.99

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    • (91)

      KCASA KC-VCM11 50Hz Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine Film Sealer Vacuum Packer With 10 Pcs Vacuum Seal Ring Bags

      US$32.66 US$39.95

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