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    3D Printer & PenCode:bgprinter

    • (802)

      Anet® A8 DIY 3D Printer Kit 1.75mm / 0.4mm Support ABS / PLA / HIPS

      US$179.99 US$215.99

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    • (572)

      Creality 3D® CR-10 DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

      US$389.99 US$439.99

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    • (130)

      Creality 3D® CR-10 Mini DIY 3D Printer Kit Support Resume Print 300*220*300mm Large Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

      US$309.99 US$423.55

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    • (92)

      Creality 3D® CR-10S DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm Printing Size With Z-axis Dual T Screw Rod Motor Filament Detector 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

      US$489.99 US$618.53

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    • (7)

      Geeetech® E180 Mini DIY 3D Printer 130*130*130mm Printing Size With 3.2" Full-color Touch Screen/Bowden Extruder Support Break-resuming

      US$258.14 US$299.99

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    • (217)

      TEVO® Tornado DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm Large Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle Support Off-line Print

      US$339.99 US$499.99

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    • (55)

      JGAURORA® A5/A5S Upgraded DIY 3D Printer Kit 305*305*320mm Printing Size Support Power Failure Resume&Filament Run-out Detection with 2.8-inch Colorful Touchscreen

      US$379.99 US$599.99

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    • (30)

      TEVO® Tarantula Prusa I3 DIY 3D Printer Kit With Auto Leveling Sensor 200x280x200mm Large Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle With 2x 0.25kg Filament

      US$269.99 US$349.99

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    • (3)

      Geeetech® A30 Desktop 3D Printer 320*320*420mm Large Printing Size With Auto-Leveling Filament Detector Support Break-resuming WIFI Connect 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

      US$454.33 US$480.13

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    • (174)

      Anet® A6 3D Printer DIY Kit 1.75mm / 0.4mm Support ABS / PLA / HIPS

      US$216.84 US$299.99

      28% OFF

    • (44)

      Geeetech® Prusa I3 Pro W DIY 3D Printer 200x200x180mm Printing Size 1.75mm 0.3mm Nozzle

      US$185.86 US$225.99

      18% OFF

    • (7)

      Anycubic® I3 Mega DIY 3D Printer Support Power Resume With Filament Sensor 210x210x205mm Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

      US$349.99 US$499.99

      30% OFF

    • (9)

      Creality 3D® CR-10S Customized 500*500*500 Printing Size DIY 3D Printer Kit With Z-axis Dual T Screw Rod Motor Filament Detector 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

      US$999.00 US$1,125.15

      11% OFF

    • (14)

      Anet® A6-L DIY 3D Printer Kit With Auto Leveling 220*220*250mm Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

      US$268.47 US$372.99

      28% OFF

    • (256)

      3D Printing Drawing Pen + 3x ABS Filament + EU Plug Power Adapter Kit

      US$19.99 US$30.91

      35% OFF

    • (96)

      SUNLU® SL-300 3D Printing Pen Printer 3rd Generation Crafting Modeling Art For Children

      US$53.37 US$56.99

      6% OFF

    • (14)

      5th Generation Low Temperature 3D Printing Pen 1.75mm PCL Filament 0.6mm Nozzle With USB Cable


    3D Printer AccessoriesCode:bgprinter

    • (166)

      Anet® Auto Leveling Position Heated Bed Hotbed Sensor For Anet A8 3D Printer


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    • (383)

      Geekcreit® T8 Anti-Backlash Spring Loaded Nut For 2mm / 8mm Acme Threaded Rod Lead Screw

      US$2.99 US$6.33

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    • (24)

      Geeetech® 5V DC Mini Powerful 3D WiFi Module Support TF Card For Remote Control 3D Printer

      US$28.43 US$36.99

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    • (84)

      Creality 3D® 5M PTFE Nozzle Feed Teflon Tube For 3D Printer 1.75mm Filament


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    • (197)

      Standard 3D Printer 3MM MK3 Aluminum Board PCB Heat Bed For Reprap

      US$14.42 US$16.38

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    • (157)

      TL-Smoother Addon Module With Dupont Line For 3D Printer Stepper Motor


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    • (72)

      Auto Bed Leveling Sensor For DuetWIFI 3D Printer Improve Printing Precision

      US$20.85 US$24.99

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    • (141)

      Creality 3D® 5PCS 3D Printer M6 Thread Nozzle Brass Pneumatic Connector Quick Joint For Remote Extruder


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    • (149)

      2M 3D Printer GT2 Timing Belt+Aluminum Pulley+Cupler Shaft+LM8UU+608ZZ+624ZZ


    • (1)

      Creality 3D® 410*410*4mm 3D Printer Glass Platform With Strong Adhesion


    • (9)

      Creality 3D® 12V 30A 21.5*11.4*5cm 3D Printer Switching Power Supply With LED & Dual Input


    • (90)

      3D Printer High Torque 17 Stepper Motor 300mN 1.5A 2-phase 4-wire


    • (60)

      12V 200W 200mmx200mm Waterproof Flexible Silicone Heating Pad Heater For 3d Printer Heat Bed


    • (52)

      220*220*0.8mm Polyetherimide PEI Sheet For 3D Printer


    • (351)

      5Pcs 100K 1% NTC Single Ended Glass Sealed Thermistor Temperature Sensor For 3D Printer

      US$3.25 US$3.81

      15% OFF

    • (195)

      5pcs 220x220mm Plastic Heated Bed Sticker For 3D Printer Wanhao i3


    3D Printer Module BoardCode:bgprinter

    • (933)

      Geekcreit® CNC Shield UNO-R3 Board 4xA4988 Driver Kit With Heat Sink For Arduino Engraver 3D Printer

      US$12.38 US$14.16

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    • (180)

      Geekcreit® RAMPS 1.4 + Mega2560 + A4988 + 2004LCD Controller 3D Printer Kit For Arduino Reprap


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    • (34)

      Anet V1.0 3D Printer Mainboard For Reprap Prusa 3D Printer

      US$33.82 US$38.20

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    • (25)

      Geeetech® GT2560 3D Printer Controller Board Compatible Arduino Mega2560


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    • (25)

      Creality 3D® CR-10 12V 3D Printer Mainboard Control Panel With USB Port & Power Chip


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    • (195)

      Geekcreit® CNC Shield + UNO R3 Board + 4 X DRV8825 Driver Kit For Arduino 3D Printer


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    • (45)

      RAMPS 1.4 + Mega2560 R3+ A4988 Optical Endstop 3D Printer Mainboard


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    • (13)

      2.8 Inch MKS TFT28 V1.2 Full Color Touch Screen Support WIFI APP For 3D Printer RepRap


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    • (29)

      3.2 Inch MKS-TFT32 Full Color LCD Touch Screen Support BT APP For 3D Printer RepRap


    • (117)

      Geekcreit® 3D Printer RAMPS 1.4 Control Board For Reprap Mendel Prusa Arduino


    3D Printer FilamentCode:bgprinter

    • (54)

      1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament For Mendel Printrbot Reprap Prusa Sumpod


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    • (154)

      Anet® 1KG 1.75mm ABS Filament For Reprap Prusa 3D Printer

      US$29.99 US$37.99

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    • (1)

      3mm 3D Printer PLA Filament For Mendel Printrbot Reprap Prusa


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    • (28)

      1.75mm 3mm ABS Mutil-Color 3D Printer Filament With Good Tensile Strength


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    • (15)

      Multi-color 5m 1.75MM PCL Filament For 3D Pen

      US$2.25 US$6.67

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