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    More members, More bonuses

    • Earn 10% OFF Site-wide Coupon
    • Earn $50-$25 OFF Fashion Coupon
    • Get 3 Lucky Draw Chances
    • Share $10000 Bonuses

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      The rules

      Invite friends
      More members More bonuses
      Spin to win10:00(UTC+8) every day
      Invite at least a friend to team up

      1>Invite at least 1 friend to play the game ,The more members join your team, the larger the bonuses your team can Share.

      2>100% chance of winning, The more friends you invite, the more you get. Each team has a minimum of 2 people.

      3>A user participates by starting a team or joining another team. Each person can only be part of one team and cannot leave or change team during the event.

      Share $10000 bonuses and win free gifts 
      • 2 members -- Get 10% OFF Site-wide Coupon
      • 5 members -- Get $50-$25 OFF Fashion Coupon
      • 13 members -- Get 3 Lucky Draw Chances
      • The top 5 teams -- Share $10000 Bonuses
      1st team wins $5000
      2nd team wins $3000
      3rd team wins $1000
      4th team wins $600
      5th team wins $400
      1>From Sep 9th 16:00 - Sep 12th 16:00 (UTC+8 ), successfully inviting 1 friend to the team, counts as 2.
      2>Participating users must be logged into a verified account.
      3>We will announce the winning teams results at 17:00(UTC+8) on Sep12th.
      4>When you win free gifts, we will email you and deliver the prizes within 2-7 working days after Sep12th.
      5>Team bonuses will be distributed to BGPAY account of each winning team member within 2-7 working days after the event.
      6>Please make sure you are logged in to a verified account. Otherwise, the bonus and the free gifts will be invalid.
      7>New users get an extra $200 coupon package.
      8>Banggood reserves all rights to the interpretation of this event.
      Congratulations to the teams below.

      Winning teams will receive their bounses on BGPAY in 2-7 working days. We have also sent to all participants a special coupon as a toke of our appreciation. Please go to the Home Sale to pick more products.

      • 1

        (Win $5000)

      • 2

        (Win $3000)

      • 3

        (Win $1000)

      • 4

        (Win $600)

      • 5

        (Win $400)

      Participating users must be logged into a verified account. Otherwise, the bonus and the free gifts will be invalid. Verify It.