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Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade
Larger view 7
  • Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade
  • Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade
  • Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade
  • Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade
  • Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade
  • Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade
  • Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade

Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade

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  • CN US$12.99
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Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade 12.99 US$14.03 (1)
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Measure:Approx.140.5x70cm/ 55"x27.5"
Brand new and High Quality.
Universal,Fits most Car,Trucks and Vans.
Protects,Cools and Blocks out UV Rays
Foldable and Portable,Saving Storage Space.
Easy to Install and Remove.
Reversible,Different Feelings.

1.Spread out and flat the sun shade.
2.Placed on the medial of the windscreen.
3.Adjusted to the appropriate location.
4.Turn the two sun Visors on the top of the front to press it.
5.When not in use,fold it into a shape in the trunk.

Package Included:
1 x Car Sun Shade

Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade

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AudiA4L 145X80cm
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AudiQ3 145X80cm
AudiQ5 140X70cm
AudiQ7 150X80cm
AudiA8 150X75cm

B Benz
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smart 140X70cm
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BMW 3 Series 140X70cm
BMW 7 Series 150X75cm
BMW 5 Series 150X75cm
BMW 1 Series 140X70cm
BMWX1 145X80cm
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BYD G3 135X60cm
BYD G4 135X60cm
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Eos 140X75cm
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King Plaza 145X80cm
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D Southeast
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Yaris 135X60cm
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Caramel 140X70cm
Corolla 140X70cm
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G GAC Gonow
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Aoxuan G5 145X80cm

H Seahorse
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Aishang 135X60cm
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H Huanghai
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H Huatai
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Huatai B11 150X75cm
Santa Fe 145X80cm

Tojoy 140X70cm
Yue Yue 140X70cm
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Cadillac CTS 145X80cm
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New Alto 135X60cm
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Tianyu SX4 140X75cm
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L Lifan
Lifan 320 135X60cm
Lifan  520 140X75cm
Lifan 620 140X75cm
Lifan X60 145X80cm
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L Landwind
LandwindX5 150X80cm
Landwind X8 150X80cm
LandwindX6 145X80cm
LandwindX9 145X80cm

L Land Rover
Bodyguard 145X80cm
Discovery 3 150X75cm
Range RoverAurora 150X75cm
Discovery 4 150X80cm
Range Rover 150X80cm
Rover Sport 150X80cm
Freelander 2 150X80cm

L Renault
Laguna 140X70cm
Fluence 140X75cm
Megane 140X75cm
Koleos 150X80cm
Landscape 145X80cm
Latitude 140X75cm
Talisman 150X75cm

MG3 140X75cm
MG5 140X75cm
MG7 140X70cm
MG6 140X75cm

N Luxgen
Luxgen 7 150X80cm

Q Kia
RIO 140X70cm
Maxima 140X70cm
Optima 140X70cm
Xiuer 140X75cm
Furui Di 140X75cm
Kia K2 140X75cm
Cerato 140X70cm
Speed ​​ step 140X75cm
Sportage 150X80cm
Kia K5 140X75cm
Kia K3 140X75cm
Sportage 145X80cm
Kezun 150X75cm
OPIRUS 145X80cm
New Squeak 145X80cm
Sorento 150X80cm
Jiahua 150X75cm
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Borrego 150X75cm

R Nissan
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Qashqai 140X75cm
Old Tiida 140X70cm
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Tule 150X80cm
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S Skoda
Crystal Sharp 135X60cm
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Octavia 140X70cm
Hao Rui 140X75cm

S Mitsubishi
Lancer 135X60cm
Jun Court 140X75cm
Wings God 140X70cm
Lioncel 140X70cm
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ASX Jin Hyun (Import) 140X75cm
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Galant 140X75cm
LANCER 145X80cm
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X Citroen
C2 135X60cm
Elysee 140X70cm
Saina 140X70cm
Triumphant 140X75cm
Picasso 140X75cm
C4 140X75cm
Sega 140X75cm
C5 150X75cm
C6 145X80cm

B Honda
Feng Fan 140X70cm
Concept of S1 140X70cm
Ming Si 140X70cm
09 Fit Hatchback 140X75cm
Civic 140X75cm
Odyssey 140X75cm
8-generation Accord 145X80cm
CR-V 145X80cm
Accord 2.4 150X75cm
Spirior 150X75cm
Costa Figure 150X75cm
SDL 150X80cm

B Buick
Boulevard 140X70cm
Excelle 140X70cm
Hideo GT 140X75cm
Hideo XT 140X75cm
Ang Kela 140X75cm
Royaum 145X80cm
Regal 145X80cm
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GL8 150X80cm
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Kore 150X80cm

B Peugeot
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Peugeot 206 140X75cm
Peugeot 408 145X80cm
Peugeot 307 145X80cm
Peugeot 308 145X80cm
Peugeot 3008 150X80cm
Peugeot 4008 145X80cm
Peugeot 508 150X75cm

B Pentium
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Pentium B70 140X70cm
Pentium B90 140X75cm

B Porsche
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Great Wall 135X60cm
Hover M1 135X60cm
Hover M4 140X75cm
Teng Yi C20R 140X75cm
Teng Yi V80 140X75cm
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Wingle 3 140X70cm
Wingle 5 140X70cm
Teng Yi C30 140X70cm
Teng Yi C50 140X70cm
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Hover H5 145X80cm
Hover H6 145X80cm

C Chana
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Chana Star 135X60cm
Uno 135X60cm
Benben 140X70cm
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CX30 140X75cm
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Fox 140X75cm
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Broncos 145X80cm
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Winning 150X75cm
Sharp Boundary 150X80cm
Explorer 150X80cm
Maike Si 150X80cm

F Fiat
501 135X60cm
Hiroetsu 140X75cm
Fei Xiang 150X75cm
Fei Yue 150X80cm

Yu Sheng 150X80cm

J Jeep
Compass 145X80cm
Freedom Away 145X80cm
Wrangler 150X80cm
Grand Cherokee 150X80cm
Commander 150X80cm

J Geely
Pride 135X60cm
US- Japan 135X60cm
Mybo 135X60cm
Youliou 135X60cm
Global HawkGC7 140X70cm
Global Hawk GX2 135X60cm
Panda 135X60cm
Diamond 140X70cm
Free Ship 140X70cm
Golden Eagle 140X70cm
England SC3 135X60cm
England SC6 135X60cm
England SC5 140X70cm
England SC7 140X70cm
Imperial EC7 140X75cm
England TX4 140X75cm
Imperial EC8 140X75cm
England SX7 145X80cm
Global Hawk GX7 145X80cm

K Chrysler
Sebring 140X70cm
Chrysler 300C 150X75cm
Voyager 150X75cm

L Lexus
Lexus CT 140X70cm
Lexus IS 140X70cm
Lexus ES 140X75cm
Lexus GS 145X80cm
Lexus LS 145X80cm
Lexus GX 150X75cm
Lexus LX 150X75cm
Lexus RX 150X75cm

L Lotus
Lotus L5 140X70cm
Lotus L3 140X70cm
Racing 140X70cm
Jing Yue 140X70cm

M Mazda
Mazda 2 140X70cm
Mazda 6 140X70cm
Mazda 3 140X70cm
Rui wing 140X75cm
Mazda 5 140X75cm
Mazda 3 star
Mazda 8 145X80cm
Mazda CX- 5 145X80cm
Mazda CX- 7 150X80cm
Mazda CX- 9 150X80cm

O Eulogize
Eulogize RL 150X75cm
Eulogize  ILX 140X70cm
Eulogize TL 150X75cm
Eulogize RLX 150X75cm
Eulogize ZDX 150X75cm
Eulogize RDX 150X80cm
Eulogize MDX 150X80cm

O Opel
Andhra 150X80cm
Astra 140X70cm
English Super Asia 150X75cm

Q Chery
Cowin 2 135X60cm
QQ3 135X60cm
Riich X1 135X60cm
Riich M5 135X60cm
Riich M1 135X60cm
Wind cloud 2 135X60cm
A1 135X60cm
QQ6 135X60cm
Qqme 135X60cm
Cowin 1 135X60cm
Chery A5 140X70cm
Cowin 3 140X75cm
Cowin 5 140X70cm
Tiggo 140X75cm
Riich G3 140X70cm
Riich 140X70cm
Eastar 140X75cm
Chery A3 140X75cm
Chery E5 145X80cm
Riich G6 145X80cm

R Roewe
Roewe 350 140X75cm
Roewe  750 140X70cm
Roewe 550 140X75cm
Roewe 950 150X75cm
Roewe W5 150X80cm

S Subaru
Legacy 145X80cm
Subaru XV 140X75cm
Forester 12 previous 140X75cm
After Forester 13 145X80cm
Impreza 140X75cm
Tribeca 150X80cm
Outback 145X80cm

W Volvo
Volvo S40 140X70cm
Volvo C30 140X70cm
Volvo S80 150X75cm
Volvo C70 145X80cm
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Volvo V60 150X75cm
Volvo S80L 150X75cm
Volvo XC60 150X80cm
Volvo XC90 150X80cm

S Modern
Accent 135X60cm
Sonata 8th Generation 140X70cm
i30 140X70cm
Elantra 140X70cm
Rena 140X70cm
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ix35 145X80cm
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Lawns 150X75cm
Genesis Coupe 150X75cm
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Equus 150X75cm

X Chevrolet
Spark 135X60cm
Love CD Europe 135X60cm
SPARK 135X60cm
Lova 135X60cm
Aveo 135X60cm
Epica 140X70cm
New Sail 140X70cm
Cruze 140X75cm
Wal- blue Volt 140X75cm
Mai Rui Bao 150X75cm
Copaci 150X80cm

Oulang 145X80cm
Senya M80 140X75cm
Senya S80 135X60cm
Wei Chi V2 140X70cm
Wei Chi V5 140X70cm
Charade N7 135X60cm
Charade N5 135X60cm

Y Infiniti
Infiniti EX 145X80cm
Infiniti G Series 140X75cm
Infiniti M Series 145X80cm
Infiniti FX 150X80cm
Infiniti JX 150X80cm
Infiniti QX 150X80cm

Z China
Junjie 140X70cm
H530 140X70cm
H320 140X70cm
H330 140X70cm
H230 135X60cm
China V5 140X75cm
Kubao 140X75cm
Zunchi 140X75cm

Z Zotye
Zotye 2008 135X60cm
Zotye 5008 135X60cm
Zotye Z300 140X75cm

Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade

Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade

Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade

Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade

Zebra Stripes Car Windshield Front Window Visor Sun Shade


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