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takco1953 2019-08-08 09:39:45
" ! 24" what's mean ? which function can be adjuste ?
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  • takco1953 until today l still not get the respond.l really don't know what happens.the indicates " ! 24 " is !!!

    Reply 2019-08-17 10:20:17
  • Mambooeei that room temperature

    Reply 2019-08-19 08:22:33
  • Mambooeei room temp.

    Reply 2019-08-22 05:50:59
  • toxicOne this is your outside temperature fg

    Reply 2019-08-22 16:53:55
  • borsi99 This is the room temperature around you.

    Reply 2019-08-23 05:59:47
  • emregurcan3422 roomtemperature

    Reply 2019-08-25 08:10:25
  • vcosta temp inside the box?

    Reply 2019-09-07 07:02:09
  • Johnny_B_Goode Thatis the "Cold End" temperature. whatever is detecting the thermocouple voltage from the hot end, needs to know what the cold end temperature is in order to correctly measure the hot end temperature. In this case it either comes from the cold end thermistor in the handle or, as second best option if the handle is not fitted with such a thermistor, the thermistor fitted inside the controller on the front panel controller board remote from any localised sources of heat such as the voltage regulator or the STM32.

    Since, unlike a thermocouple, thermistors need to be calibrated to account for their wide tolerance range of error, there is a facilty in the setup menu to adjust the value against a more accurate room thermometer. Once this has been done, it should then track the room temperature variations to within a degree when the station has gone into sleep mode and the soldering tip has cooled to room temperature.

    This 'cold end' temperature will slowly increase as the iron is being used due to the heat leaking from the hot end as well as the from the heat of your hand. This is fine since the connections to the cable can be considered to be the 'cold junction point since any further thermocouple effects in the wiring back to the controller will largely cancel out.

    This cold end temperature data allows the controller to reduce the inevitable errors that creep in via other deficiencies of the tip temperature sensing system, allowing to maintain a more accurate temperature at the tip than it otherwise could.

    Reply 2019-09-09 22:42:40
  • Chimaera That's actual user's IQ.

    Reply 2019-09-17 15:17:28
  • SteveSi blueand white wire swapped!

    Reply 2019-11-15 11:19:55
  • Wéan de Wet @Chimaera Butthe i is upside down then. Surely it must be i24 and not !24 :-p

    Reply 2019-11-26 02:51:38
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