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7. Transactions Between Customers and Banggood.com

7.1 Customers agrees to provide all information and materials as may be reasonably required by Banggood.com in connection with orders placed at Banggood.com. Banggood.com has the right to suspend or terminate any Customers account if the Customer fails to provide the required information and materials or provides inaccurate or fraudulent information.

7.2 Each User agrees that Banggood.com shall not be liable or responsible for any damages, claims, liabilities, costs, harms, inconveniences, business disruptions or expenditures of any kind that may arise a result of or in connection with any use or storage of any products purchased from banggood.com.

7.3 Banggood will maintain all applicable PCI DSS standards and protect all data provided by the cardholder.

7.4 When you make a purchase, you agree that the risk of loss transfers from Banggood to you from the moment we deliver your order to the carrier.
You will bear all related liabilities and risks during the third-party transportation of your order. 

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