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Post a review on Banggood - Receive points

You can receive some Banggood points by sharing your suggestions about the most recent shopping experience you have had on our website. You will be awarded points for each review you publish on a product page.

If your review contains a video or some photos, you will receive even more points.

Below are listed the onsite Banggood review process and the correspondent rewards:

  1. You buy and try a product;
  2. You receive 10 points for posting a picture, 10 points for writing a review, and 40 points for posting a video of the product;
  3. The points are directly accredited to your account and you can find them in “My Points”;


Thank you for submitting your feedback about this article!

Personal services and personalized recommendations

We will use your basic information, behavioral information, trading Information and access information to ensure that you can enjoy our personalized services and recommendations as well as the secure shopping experiences.

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