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Cash on delivery (COD) FAQ

What is COD?
COD is an abbreviation which means “Cash on delivery”. If you select this payment method, you will have to pay for your order not when placing it but when it is delivered to you.


Which products can be paid using COD?
You can select COD payments only on those products showing a COD tag.


Which countries are currently supported by COD?
We currently have COD payments only for United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Bahrain,Qatar,Kuwait,Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.


How can I order using COD?

Please follow the steps listed below to order COD:

- go to our homepage

- Open the COD product page;

- Add COD products to your shopping cart.

- Shipping method

- Ships to United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Bahrain,Qatar,Kuwait,please select "Middle East Direct Mail";

- Ships to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia,Vietnam, please select "SEA Direct Mail";

- Choose payment method "Cash on Delivery";

- Submit your order.

Note: We will send a verification code to your mobile phone to confirm that your contact details are correct. Please make sure that you follow all the instructions in the message.



Can COD products be ordered together with non-COD products?
Due to payment and logistic differences, COD products and non-COD products can not be ordered together.


How much do I need to order if i pay by COD and what’s the cost of using COD payment?

CountryPrice TotalCOD Fee
ThailandUS $ 10-200Total order *3%
MalaysiaUS $ 20-200Total order *3.5%
SingaporeUS $ 10-200Total order *3.6%
PhilippinesUS $ 10-200Total order *3.5%
IndonesiaUS $ 10-200Total order *3.5%
VietnamUS $ 20-200Total order *3.5%
United Arab EmiratesUS$25-5005$
Saudi ArabiaUS$45-8006$

 You can only have one active COD order. If you have previously placed an order using COD, you must wait until you have received it before you can place another COD order.

How much freight do I need to pay?

Country(Deliver to)

logistics methods

changeable weights

Flat fee charges(USD)


SEA direct mail (CN)





Above 5kg


IndonesiaAs shown on the order pageAs shown on the order page
Singapore,Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand,Philippines,VietnamAir parcel register (CN+HK)0kg-2kg2.49
Above 5kg4.49

FREE Shipping for order which is over $49.99(AE),$79.99(SA,OM),$89.99(BH),$99.99(QA),$129.99(KW)

FREE Shipping for order which is over $19.99 (MY,VN,TH),$29.99 (PH,SG) including all categories.(*Indonesia Shipping fee includes all customs duties)

Is there a limit to the number of orders I can p
lace with COD? 

You can only have one active COD order. If you have previously placed an order using COD, you must wait until you have received it before you can place another COD order.

How long will COD shipping take?

With Middle East Direct Mail COD, estimated delivery time is about 7-15business days.

With Southeast Asia COD, the estimated delivery time is about 4-7 business days.


Can I send to PO. Box/APO/FPO address?
Due to logistics restrictions, COD does not support delivery to PO.Box, APO, or FPO addresses.
When entering your address, please provide full details including the street, house number, suburb, postcode.


Why do I need to provide my phone number?
We request your phone number for the following reasons:

-To confirm your order. We will call you within 2 business days from the date you placed the order to verify your order and shipping details.

-To confirm your order. We will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order to verify your address details.

-For smooth delivery. The logistics company may contact you if they have any issues locating your address.


How do I calculate the total amount I need to pay for a COD order?
The total price = The total cost of your items + COD fee + logistics delivery costs.


How do I track my COD order?
You can access full details in your Banggood account and then go to the “My Orders” section, where you will find the current status and the tracking information of your order.


Can I cancel a COD order?
If the parcel has not been shipped, you can contact us by e-mail or live chat to cancel your COD order.


Can I refuse delivery if the packaging appears damaged?
We recommend you carefully inspect the packaging before accepting the delivery. If there are any signs that the package is damaged, you can refuse delivery and your order will be canceled.


Under what circumstances can I apply for a refund?
1. If the product has quality problems, arrives damaged or is not what you ordered, you can contact our customer service by e-mail or live chat to apply for a refund.

2. If the product size does not match the size you ordered, you can also apply for a refund.


Return Exclusions

If you have damaged the item yourself, we are not responsible for any compensation or replacement.
Due to hygiene reasons, underwear, swimwear, leggings and beauty products can not be returned.

What will happen if my replacement item is out of stock?
Our service team will contact you and ask if you would like to wait or change to another size or color. If the item you would like has a different price, or if a replacement is not available, we suggest you cancel the current order and place a new one with the item you would like to receive.


I have changed my mind, can I refuse delivery?
If the item arrives in good condition and you refuse delivery, you will not be able to use COD payment in the future. This refusal can also influence your credit history. If you have changed your mind, we recommend you contact us. If the item has not been shipped yet, we can help you cancel your order.


How do I confirm my COD order?

A .Confirm on the Order success page

1.Check that your order details ( address, product, and price) are correct. Click “Edit Address” if you need to modify the delivery address.

2. Click "Confirm"

B.Confirm with SMS link.

1. Click the link in the SMS we send you to open your order history
2. Click the order with the same order number listed in the SMS
3.Check that your order details (address , product, and price) are correct.  Click “Edit Address” if you need to modify the delivery address.
4. Click "Confirm"



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