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BGpay Service Agreement


Latest revision : December 5, 2019

BGpay Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) is a contract between you and Banggood Technology Co., Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), and governs your use of all BGpay Services.

1.Declaration and commitment

1.1. Before you accept this Agreement or begin to use BGpay Services, please read all the contents of this Agreement carefully (especially those in bold format). If you do not agree with the content of this agreement or understand the interpretation of the terms of the Company, please do not accept this agreement and discontinue using the service. If you are confused about the terms of this agreement, please inquire through our customer service channels, and we will explain the contents of the terms to you.

1.2. You agree that if the Company needs to change or modify this agreement, it must be announced in advance and published publicly on our website, and the announcement will take effect immediately after the announcement was public for a week; if you continue to use the BGpay service after the change of the content announcement of this agreement has entered into force, it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the changed agreement content, and will also obey the changed agreement content while using the BGpay service; If you disagree with the contents of the change agreement, you should stop using the BGpay service before the change takes effect.

1.3.When you use the BGpay service, you should know and bear all the transaction risks associated with it.

1.4.You confirm that if you are using BGpay, then you grant us an irrevocable right to solve issues which involve all your transactions on Banggood website according to the agreement. You shall completely follow the agreement as well as the rules and the guidance provided by the Company.

1.5. Subject to section 1.4, when you are using BGpay, you grant us an irrevocable right to handle the issues about all your transactions on Banggood website according to the agreement.

According to your authorization, the operation of the Company to BGpay would follow your instruction. Therefore the Company will not be liable for any loss caused to you.


2.Definitions and explanations

2.1. Websites: except for the provisions of this agreement, refers to www.banggood.com, its different country sites, and its APPs.

2.2. Recharge: you apply for a BGpay account and recharge into BGpay by websites for websites' consumption.

2.3. Refund transfer into recharge: When you made a successful refund application, you can choose to transfer your refund into BGpay recharge amount for websites' consumption. 

2.4 Refund to Original Payment Account after recharge: Under the situation of §2.3, you still have the right to apply for the cash amount of the BGpay to be transferred to the bank card account or third party payment account you used when paying the order price according to the rules and instructions of the website.

2.5.Description of your BGpay account amount: (take USD account as an example) 






 Item 1


(USD) Balance Accounts


Total amount of USD account

 Item 2


Available Balance


The amount in the USD account that can be used to purchase goods

 Item 3


Frozen  Funds


Refers to  funds that  currentiy are being in use or blocked due to anomalies.




 Refund to Original Payment Account after recharge 



 Item 1




Total amount of USD account

 Item 2


Available Refund to Original Paytment Account Amount


=Balance-Amount Unavailable

 Item 3


Amount Unavailable


Amount not available to refund to original payment account


3.BGpay service and operation specifications

BGpay service (or "this service") is the recharge and consumption service provided by the Company and is entrusted by you, this service includes but not limited to:

3.1. Offline remittance: You agree to make an Offline remittance to the website designated bank account and recharge the BGpay amount, the Company's designated bank accounts are listed on the recharge page.

3.2. Online recharge: You agree to upload the remittance voucher (see the voucher example) to the BGpay  recharge page on the website after you complete an offline remittance, at the same time, you authorize the Company to recharge your BGpay amount which is equivalent to your remittance amount (Exchange rates are calculated at the bank rate when you completed the offline remittance).

3.3. Refund transfer into recharge: When you have made a successful refund application, you can choose to transfer your refund to your BGpay recharge account for website consumption.

3.4.Refund to Original Payment Account after recharge: Under the situation of §3.3, you can choose one of the BGpay currency accounts and apply of the BGpay to be transferred to the bank card account or third party payment account you used when paying the order price when you paid for the order within 4 working days from the day we receive you application, or will prompt you to apply for a failure, according to the rules and instructions of the website.  

You shall understand that, after 180 days from the date of completion of the transaction,the amount in you  BGpay account under the situation of 3.3 will be the Amount Unavailable .

3.5. Query: Your BG account records will be all saved by us.You can log in your BG account to query your BGpay transaction records and BGpay limit.

3.6. BGpay quota: To protect your rights and improve transaction security, your registered BGpay should be no more than 10 thousand dollars.




You need to use your e-mail or mobile phone number as the login name of your BG Buyer account. Moreover, the login name above would be regarded as the login information of BGpay. You agree that:

4.1.1.You should accurately provide and update your e-mail address, telephone, contact address, zip code and other means of contact so that the Company can timely and effectively contact you. You should be solely responsible for any adverse consequences of any loss or increase in fees caused by the use of this service due to the loss of association. You shall confirm you can be contacted by those above means. If any changes need to be updated, you should update it under the Company's requirement.

4.2.Account security

You would be responsible for all operations and behavior of using the account as well as the password and check code. You agree that:

4.2.1.The Company identifies your command through your login name and password. You should keep your login name, password and identity information private. You are totally responsible for losses relating to leaked passwords and leaked identity information.

You shall promise that you don't reveal your BGpay login name, password and identity information to anyone else; and you shall promise that you do not use other people's login name or password.

The Company may also make use of the service provided by other products or devices to identify your command. You shall confirm that the products or devices are under your control.If not, you shall be charged with the loss.

4.2.2. According to user habits on computer, mobile phone, and other electronic devices, we may set a different mode of login or take other measures to confirm your behavior.

4.2.3.You agree that if you found someone fraudulently has used or stolen your login/password or any other circumstances without lawful authority, or the loss of mobile phone or other equipment associated with the account or other risks that may endanger the security of the account funds, you shall immediately notify the Company in an effective way and apply the Company to suspend the relevant service. The Company shall not and will not be responsible for any loss, damage or other adverse consequences caused by your failure to comply with this agreement. You understand that the Company will take some reasonable time to react to your request and the Company has no liability for the losses caused by your misconduct.

4.2.4.You confirm that you are responsible for your account. Moreover, only you can use this account. The account is non-transferable, non-grant, and non-inheritable. However,the relevant property rights and interests remaining in the account can be inherited.

4.2.5. Due to the need for operational and transaction security, the Company may temporarily stop providing or limit some functions of the service, or provide new functions. The functions may reduce, or increase, if you still use the service, then it means that you still agree with this agreement whether the agreement changes or not.

4.2.6. The Company has the right to figure out whether you are requesting a valid transaction and the purpose of your transactions. You should provide the true, comprehensive and accurate information if asked by the Company; if the Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that you have provided false transaction information, the Company has the right to temporarily or permanently limit the part or all of the functions of the product or service you are using.

4.2.7.The Company is not a bank or financial institutions, and the service does not belong to any financial business. So all cash transfers are achieved through an intermediary bank and refunds needs a reasonable amount of time to arrive in your bank account. The transit time is based on the regulation of the bank.

4.2.8. You understand, based on the relevant laws and regulations, for any service under this agreement, the Company do not provide any guarantee, loaning.No form of financial services is provided, and the BGpay account amount is only used to purchase merchandise on this website or return it to your bank account.

4.2.9.Any loss caused by your fault shall be undertaken by yourself, including but not limited to:didn't operate your BGpay account in accordance with the transaction rules and payment prompt operation, not timely trading operations, forgotten or leaked passwords, passwords are cracked by others, your computer is invaded by others.


5.Bank transfer fee

5.1.When you finished offline recharge payment, the Company will bear the procedure fee of remittance charged by the bank and the Company will arrange the equivalent amount to your BGpay according to the amount of your recharge.

5.2.When you ask the Company to refund your BGpay remaining amount to original payment account under the situation of §2.3, the Company will arrange the transfer in accordance with the ratio of your recharge remaining, and you promise that the cash transfer procedure fee is borne by you.


6.Account exception and handling

You shall confirm that BGpay history transaction data is based on BGpay records. If you have objections to such data, you should raise an objection to the Company within three days from the date when your BGpay data changed, and please provide the relevant evidence for verification by the Company. Otherwise, it will be regarded as you agreed with the data.


7.BGpay service usage restrictions

7.1. When you use this service, you should abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the laws and regulations of your country or region and the relevant international practices, only applicable to this website consumption.

7.2. You understand and agree, when the following conditions exist, the Company has the right to suspend or terminate all or partial service of your BGpay account and has the right to restrict part or all of the functions of the products or services you use ( including but not limited to take measures such as cancel the transaction or adjust accounts to restrict the funds under the name of these accounts and transactions in the way). Moreover, the Company will notify you by mail, station message or client notification. You should pay close attention to it in time:

7.2.1. According to the agreement;

7.2.2. According to the provisions of laws and regulations and legal documents;

7.2.3. According to the requirements of the competent authority;

7.2.4. The behavior of using BGpay service is suspected of violating national laws, regulations and administrative regulations;

7.2.5. The Company has a reasonable judgment to believe that there are abnormal situations in account operations and capital turnover;

7.2.6. The Company considers reasonable risk according to its reasonable judgment;

7.2.7. Another user recharges your account by mistake and may cause you have funds that are not yours;

7.2.8. You have been complained about by others;

If you apply to regain service or release any of the above restrictions, you should provide relevant information including your personal identification and other profiles the Company demand so that the Company can verify the accuracy of your request. The Company has the right to make its own judgment to either approve or decline your application. Even if you provide all requested documents, your application may be denied. If you refuse to truthfully provide relevant information or proof of identity, or your application is not approved, the Company has the right to stop providing services to these accounts and to restrict some or all functions of these products or services for a long time; you will be fully informed of any decision we make.

If the Company believes that the abnormal situation can be settled or the abnormal situation is legal, then the Company will remove payment restrictions or account limitations within 30 days from the date the problem is fixed up.

However, the Company will not relieve the account if the Company has further reasons to believe that such exception may still cause losses to you, other users, or the Company, including but not limited to: The Company received complaints against such anomalies. You have seriously violated this agreement or the supplementary agreement we signed separately,meanwhile we must stop or suspend execution instructions to protect the interests of all parties execution instructions.

7.3. You understand and agree that the Company has the right to request you for compensation to recover losses if you have made the Company or other users suffer from losses due to the improper management of your account and any other related activities.


8.System interrupt or fault

If the Company is unable to offer its services properly due to the following situations, the Company does not assume liability for damages, including but not limited to the following situations:

8.1. The Company has announced in advance that the system needs downtime for maintenance.

8.2. Telecom equipment fails to transmit data.

8.3. Service interruption or delay caused by typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power failure, war, terrorist attacks, and other force majeure factors.

8.4. Service interruption or delay caused by a hack or malicious attack, technical adjustment or failure of telecom department, website upgrade, bank problems and so on.


9.Scope of liability and limitation of liability

9.1. The Company is only responsible for the scope of liability listed in this agreement.

9.2. Users voluntarily provide BGpay user's information.The Company can not guarantee that the information is accurate, timely and complete. You should be responsible for your own judgment.

9.3.When the Company is permitted by law, the Company takes no responsibility for any indirect, punitive, special, derivative losses related to this agreement or caused by this Agreement (Including loss of business, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of usage data, and loss of other economic benefits). No matter how the loss generates, the Company takes no responsibility for the loss, even if the Company breaks the contract (including breach of guarantee) or there are infringements, even if they have been told there will be the possibility of such loss. In addition, even if the exclusive remedies provided in this Agreement do not achieve its basic purpose, the Company also takes no responsibility for above losses.

9.4.Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or otherwise agreed by the Company, your delegation to the Company and the instructions given are irrevocable.


10.Intellectual property right protection

10.1. All content on this site, including but not limited to literary work, pictures, files, information, materials, website architecture, website picture arrangement, web design and intellectual property rights, the Company or our affiliated companies has the legal rights according to the law, including but not limited to trademarks, patents copyrights, trade secrets and so on.

10.2. Without the Company or the affiliates written consent, no one can use, modify, copy, publicly disseminated, change, publish or make public the procedures or contents of this website.

10.3. You shall know it is your obligation to respect intellectual property and you should be liable for damages if you violate it.


11.Application and jurisdiction of law

The validity, interpretation, change, execution and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of HONGKONG. Disputes arising from this Agreement shall be governed by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC).

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