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What is Banggood Slash?

Slash, also known by the name 'Get it Free' is a promotion that allows our customers to get a free product or purchase products at very low prices.


How does Banggood Slash work?

Choose a product

The first step would be to choose the product for which you would like to slash the price.  

Banggood will release products on the Slash page twice a week and you can select one of the products to start your deal. 


Invite friends to Slash

Invite your friends to help you slash the price to $0 or your target price. After having done this successfully, you can get this product at $0 or a very low price. All the products are limited in quantity, so try to slash as fast possible before the products are sold out.  


Get the Slash deal

Once your friends help you to Slash the price to $0 or your target price, you can order the product for free (Note that you still need to pay $0.01 for shipping). 

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