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Can I pay cash on delivery (COD)?

We only accept cash on delivery (COD) payments for orders shipped to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

However, there is a wide selection of payment methods available on our website. We hope you will find an option which is also convenient to you.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods:

Credit card payments

We can accept credit cards as a payment method.

How to pay with a credit card:
1) Select your shipping address or create a new one;
2) Enter your card details and click “Submit”;
3) Your payment will be processed and a receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.


- You can try to pay for your order by using a credit card only 9 times per day (Greece≤15 times) in order to protect the security of your personal data. If many of your attempts have failed, please try again in 24 hours or use another payment method like PayPal;

- Click here to view more details about paying with Brazilian Credit Cards in BRL (Reais);
- Click here to view more details about pagamento em Reais (BRL) com Cartão de Crédito Brasileiro (Nacional);

We support the following card types:

For more detailed instructions on payments with credit cards, please refer to our new user guide.

Are you having problems using your card? View credit card problems

Why has my credit card been declined?

Please ensure that your card details and personal information have been entered correctly. Below are some of the most common reasons for why your credit card was declined:

- You did not honor your credit card issuing bank;
- The funds in your card are not sufficient to complete your purchase;
- You are buying restricted items, like e-cigarettes or adult toys;
- The card has expired or the new card has not been activated yet;
- System section time-out;
- Your card has been stolen or is lost;

Can’t see the credit card option? Payments with a credit card are only activated for specific countries our intermediaries operate in. If you can not use a credit card, you can still select other payment methods, like PayPal.

We do not have access to your credit card information, and thus we suggest you complete the transaction with another credit card or payment method if the problem persists.


Still having problems? Contact us
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PayPal payments

You can connect your PayPal, credit card, debit card or bank account to PayPal for purchasing some of our products. After submitting an order, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction.

1.Log in to your PayPal account or use Credit Card Express;
2.Enter your card details and the order will be shipped to your PayPal address. Then click “Submit”;
3.Your payment will be processed and an invoice will be sent to your e-mail address;

NOTE: Your order will be shipped to your PayPal address. Please ensure that it is correct and complete.

For more detailed instructions on how to pay, please refer to our new user guide.
You can also refer to the PayPal Buyer Protection page.

Wire Transfer payments

We accept payments with Wire Transfer for each order whose transaction is worth $100 or more.


Important reminder:

If you select Wire Transfer as a payment method for your orders, please contact our customer service to receive the bank account details. Please consider that the intermediary bank transfer fees will be deducted from your account.

A mismatch between the order amount and the prescribed threshold might cause a delay in the processing time of your order.

We also have many other optional payment methods for you which are more convenient and without intermediary bank transfer fees, such as PayPal.


If you have any other questions about Wire Transfer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

QIWI payments

We accept payments with QIWI:
1.Select a delivery country;
2.Enter your QIWI Wallet account number;
3.Type your e-mail address;
4.Click “Pay with QIWI”; you will then be redirected to the QIWI payment page;
5.Enter your account password and click “Pay”;
6.Your payment will be processed;
7.You will be redirected to your order confirmation page.

Мы принимаем оплату через систему QIWI

Мы принимаем оплату через систему QIWI.
Как оплатить покупки по Qiwi? Следуйте инструкциям:
1) Выберите страну, где был открыт ваш счет
2) Введите номер вашего QIWI кошелька
3) Введите номер, ваш пароль и нажмите на кнопку оплаты
4) Нажмите на “Pay with Qiwi”
Вы будете перенаправлены на страницу с деталями платежа через Qiwi
5) Введите номер ваш пароль и нажмите на кнопку оплаты
6) Ваш платеж будет обработан
7) Вы будете направлены на страницу с деталями заказа для подтверждения

WebMoney payments

We accept WebMoney as a payment method:

1.Select your shipping address or create a new one;
2.Choose WebMoney as the payment method of your order;
3.Enter your e-mail address. You will be redirected to the WebMoney payment website;
4.Select the payment option you prefer among the 3 options listed here below:
- WebMoney Quick payment;
- Web Money Keeper;
- Other methods - Cash and cashless;
5.Insert your account details and the verification code;
6.Click “Next”;
7.An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile phone, and it will contain a verification code;
8.Copy and paste the code in the WebMoney payment page;
9.After the payment has been confirmed, an invoice will be sent to your e-mail address and you will be redirected to your order details page.


Оплата через WebMoney

Вы можете с помощью WebMoney следующим образом:

1) Выберите адрес доставки или создайте новый.
2) Выберите WebMoney, в качестве метода оплаты
3) Введите ваш электронный адрес
Вы будете перенаправлены на сайт WebMoney для совершения платежа
4) Далее вам будет предложено 3 возможности оплатить заказ
Быстрый платеж WebMoney
Web Money Keeper
Прочие методы – наличные и безналичные
5) Введите детали вашего аккаунта и код капчи
6) Нажмите «Далее»
7)Вам будет выслано СМС-сообщение, содержащее специальный код
8)Введите полученный код на странице оплаты заказа
9)Вам будет выслан чек на вашу электронную почту, в качестве подтверждения платежа.

Yandex Money Payments

We accept Yandex Money as a payment method:

1.Select to pay with Yandex Money;
2.Enter your e-mail address;
3.Click “Checkout with Yandex Money”. You will be redirected to the Yandex Money payment page;
4.Type your Yandex Money account and password;
5.Enter your payment password to confirm the transaction;
6.You will be redirected to your order confirmation page;


Giropay payments

We accept Giropay as a payment method:
1.Log in to your Banggood account;
2.Select Giropay as a payment method;
3.Click “Checkout with Giropay”; you will be redirected to the Giropay payment page;
4.Select your bank and click “Continue”;
5.Fill in all the required details and submit the payment;
6.You will be redirected to your order confirmation page;

Supported banks: ABN AMRO Bank N.V., ASN Bank N.V., ING Bank N.V., Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank N.V., SNS Bank N.V., Triodos Bank N.V., F. van Lanschot Bankiers N.


iDEAL payments

We accept iDEAL as a payment method:

1.Log in to your Banggood account;
2.Select to pay with iDEAL;
3.Click “Checkout with iDEAL”. You will be redirected to the iDEAL payment page;
4.Select your bank and click “Continue”;
5.Fill in all the required details and submit the payment;
6.You will be redirected to your order confirmation page;

Supported banks: ABN AMRO Bank N.V., ASN Bank N.V., ING Bank N.V., Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank N.V., SNS Bank N.V., Triodos Bank N.V., F. van Lanschot Bankiers N.


Pre-authorization for Russian credit card transactions

Pre-authorization for Russian credit card transactions:

If you are paying with a Russian credit card, there will be 2 transactions appearing on your bank statement. One is the pre-authorization one and the other one is the real payment.

Example of a purchase from Banggood


1.The first transaction shown in your bank statement is a pre-authorization and no money will be withdrawn from your account. It is only aimed at checking the amount of funds available;
2.The second transaction in your bank statement is a real payment and the money has been withdrawn from your bank account;

The transaction processing times for Russian credit cards vary according to each case.

Reviewed Transaction: If your transaction is under review, this means that we need to confirm your purchase. Please wait for 2 business days to see the second payment transaction appearing in your account.

Canceled Transaction: The refund will require 7-14 days to appear in your account.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact your bank or us.

PayPal FAQ

Below please find some of the most common questions related to PayPal payments. If you require any further information, please refer to the PayPal help center or contact us.

How do I exercise my right to the PayPal Buyer Protection?

If you do not receive your order or one of the products is significantly different from its description, you will be covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection, which includes the price of the item plus the shipping fees. Please contact our customer service as soon as you realize there might have been something wrong with your order.

You will be covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection if your case meets the following criteria:

. The item was purchased on Banggood;
. You paid with PayPal;

. You filed only one claim per PayPal payment;

. You opened the case no later than 45 calendar days from the date of your PayPal payment and – if necessary – escalated it to a claim no more than 20 calendar days after opening your case;

. You meet the PayPal Buyer Protection requirements outlined in Section 13 of the PayPal User Agreement.

How can I contact PayPal Customer Service?

PayPal encourages you to contact its customer service by e-mail. However, if you would like to speak with someone from PayPal, you can find the contact details listed here below:

Toll Free for Business/Premier, USA & Canada: 1-888-221-1161 / 1-888-204-4481
Personal Accounts: 1-402-935-2050
PayPal UK: 0870 7307 191

They are open during the following hours:
-4:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT from Monday to Friday
-6:00 AM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT Saturday and Sunday

How can I pay if PayPal is not available in my country?

If PayPal is not available in your country, you can use other methods to pay for your order.

Payment methods
Paying with PayPal
Banggood warranty exclusions

What does "Transaction Needs Reviewing" mean?

On occasion transactions need to be reviewed and confirmed by your bank.
You will be informed by e-mail of any updates and you can log in to your Banggood account to view the current status of your order.

What products are restricted for payments with a credit card?

Credit card carriers fordid the purchase of adult toys, and thus you can not pay for these products with a credit card. However, you can use other payment methods, like Boleto.

Sofort payments

Sofort payment

We can accept Sofort as a payment method on orders shipped to some European countries. You will be redirected to their website to complete the transaction.

Paying with Sofort:
1) Select Sofort as the payment method of your order;
2) Enter your card details and click “Submit”;
3) Your payment will be processed and a receipt will be sent to your e-mail inbox;

For more information and assistance on how to pay with Sofort, please visit their official help center.

- Sofort is only available for orders shipped to Austria, Belgium, Germany.
- Sofort payments can take up to 3 days to be processed. After the transaction has been confirmed, the status of your order will be updated from “Payment preparing” to “Packaging”.



OXXO payments

This payment option is exclusively for our Mexican clients residing in Mexico.

OXXO is the preferred payment method in Mexico. It is the cash payment via a barcode document that’s accepted in more than 14,000 stores.


If you want to make a cash payment for your order, you can easily do it through "OXXO" throughout Mexico.


Paying with OXXO

1- Select OXXO as your payment method.

2-Fill in required information and complete the checkout process. An email will be sent to you with the OXXO voucher referencing the transaction and containing a bar-code. During this time, the status of your order will be "payment preparing."

3- This OXXO voucher can be printed and paid at any OXXO convenience stores in Mexico.

Remember that you must pay before the due date to avoid canceling your order.

Once the payment is made, it takes up to 1-3 days to be confirmed in our system.

When payment has been confirmed, the status of your order will change to "payment confirmed. We will then ship your parcel.



-OXXO is only available in Mexico.

-Please pay your OXXO within 3 days or it will be canceled.

-When you pay, the store will give you a receipt. Please keep that receipt for future reference.

-If you place an order with us, but you don't receive the OXXO email, please contact Ebanx and ask them for assistance. {support@ebanx.com}

-The OXXO service is offered by Ebanx. When you use OXXO you need to agree to the terms and conditions of Ebanx.{https://www.ebanx.com/br/termos}

- Banggood does not store or receive any of your OXXO payment information.

- Banggood is not responsible for any additional fees or charges related to using the OXXO payment method.

- Items will not be reserved from stock until the payment has been confirmed.


Método de pago OXXO

Esta opción de pago es exclusiva para clientes mexicanos que residen en México.

OXXO es el método de pago preferido en México. Es el pago en efectivo a través de código de barras que se acepta en más de 14,000 tiendas.

Si desea realizar un pago en efectivo para su pedido, puede hacerlo fácilmente a través de OXXO en todo México.


Pagar con OXXO

1-Despues haga su pedido, seleccione OXXO como el método de pago.

2-Rellene la información requerida y complete el proceso de pago.

Se le enviará un correo electrónico con una boleta EBANX de pago en OXXO con el código de barras. Durante este tiempo, el estado de su pedido será "preparación del pago".

3-Este cupón OXXO se puede imprimir y pagar en cada tienda OXXO en México.

Recuerde que debe pagar antes de la fecha de vencimiento para evitar cancelar su pedido.

Una vez que se realiza el pago, se tarda hasta 1-3 días en confirmarse en nuestro sistema.

Cuando el pago ha sido confirmado, el estado de su pedido cambiará a "pago confirmado".

Luego enviaremos su paquete.



-OXXO solo está disponible en México.

-Por favor pague dentro de 3 días o se cancelará.

-Cuando pagas, la tienda te entregará un recibo. Conserve ese recibo para futuras referencias.

-Si después realiza un pedido, pero no recibe el correo electrónico, comuníquese con Ebanx y solicite ayuda. {support@ebanx.com}

-El servicio OXXO es ofrecido por Ebanx. Cuando usa OXXO, debe aceptar los términos y condiciones de Ebanx. {Https://www.ebanx.com/br/termos}

- Banggood no guarda ni recibe ninguna información de pago de OXXO.

- Banggood no se hace responsable de los cargos o tarifas adicionales relacionados con el uso del método de pago OXXO.

- Los artículos no se reservarán del stock hasta que se haya confirmado el pago.

Dotpay payments

We accept dotpay as a payment method:

1. Log in to your Banggood account;
2. Select the dotpay payment method;
3. Click “Checkout with dotpay.” You will be redirected to the dotpay payment page;
4. Select your bank. You will be redirected to the bank's official page;
5.Fill in all the required details and submit the payment;
6.You will be redirected to the order confirmation page;



- Dotpay is only available for orders shipped to Poland.

Cash on delivery (COD) FAQ

What is COD?

COD is an abbreviation which means “Cash on delivery”. If you select this payment method, you will have to pay for your order not when placing it but when it is delivered to you.

Which products can be paid using COD?

You can select COD payments only on those products showing a COD tag.

Which countries are currently supported by COD?

We currently offer COD payments only for Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

How do place an order using COD?

Please follow the steps outlined here below to place a COD order:

- Go to our homepage;

- Open the page of a COD product;

- Add a COD product to your shopping cart;

- Select the shipping method called “Middle Direct Mail”;

- Choose the payment method “Cash on delivery”;

- Submit your order;

Note: We will send a confirmation code to your mobile phone to verify that your contact details are correct. Please ensure you follow all the instructions contained in the message.

Can COD products be ordered together with non-COD products?

Due to payment and logistic differences, COD products and non-COD products can not be ordered together.

How much do I need to order to use COD?

In order to use COD payments, your order must contain only COD items and its total value must be between $50 and $500.

What is the cost of using COD payment?

Each package has a COD fee of US$5.

Is there a limit to the number of orders I can place with COD?

You can only have one active COD order. If you have previously placed an order using COD,  you must wait until you have received it before you can place another COD order.

How long will COD shipping take?

The estimated delivery time for COD is about 7-15 business days.

Can I send to PO. Box/APO/FPO address?

Due to logistics restrictions, COD does not support delivery to PO.Box, APO, or FPO addresses.
When entering your address, please provide full details including the street, house number, suburb, post code.

Why do I need to provide my phone number?

We request your phone number for the following reasons:

-To confirm your order. We will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order to verify your address details.

-For smooth delivery. The logistics company may contact you if they have any issues locating your address.

If you require more information about your COD order, please contact us. Our customer service number is 00019665201.

How do I calculate the total amount I need to pay for a COD order?

The total price = The total cost of your items + COD fee + logistics delivery costs.

How do I track my COD order?

You can access full details in your Banggood account, and then go to the “My Orders” section, where you will find the current status and the tracking information of your order.

Can I cancel a COD order?

If the parcel has not been shipped, you can contact us by e-mail or live chat to cancel your COD order.

Can I refuse delivery if the packaging appears damaged?

We recommend you carefully inspect the packaging before accepting the delivery. If there are any signs that the package is damaged, you can refuse delivery and your order will be canceled.

Under what circumstances can I apply for a refund?

1. If the product has quality problems, arrives damaged or is not what you ordered, you can contact our customer service by e-mail or live chat to apply for a refund.

2. If the product size does not match the size you ordered, you can also apply for a refund.

Return Exclusions

  • If you have damaged the item yourself, we are not responsible for any compensation or replacement.
  • Due to hygiene reasons, underwear, swimwear, leggings and beauty products can not be returned.

What will happen if my replacement item is out of stock?

Our service team will contact you and ask if you would like to wait or change to another size or color. If the item you would like has a different price, or if a replacement is not available, we suggest you cancel the current order and place a new one with the item you would like to receive.

I have changed my mind, can I refuse delivery?

If the item arrives in good condition and you refuse delivery, you will not be able to use COD payment in the future. This refusal can also influence your credit history. If you have changed your mind, we recommend you contact us. If the item has not been shipped yet, we can help you cancelling your order.

Why should I verify my identity when paying with credit card?

If we have asked you to verify your identity, this is to safeguard the security of your account and to prevent frauds. You will receive a notification e-mail from riskcontrol@banggood.com asking to verify your identity.

Please reply and attach the following files to the same e-mail:
- A picture or a scan of your credit card showing only its last 4 digits and the cardholder’s name;
- A picture or a scan of your driving license, passport or national ID card;

Please cover your personal information (birth date and similar ones) and your ID/passport/driving license number.

The information submitted will only be used to verify the authenticity of the cardholder’s identity, and will not be shared or sold to third parties.


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