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What is the free trial center?

The free trial center is where you can apply to trial a product for free. If your application is accepted, we will send you the item. Once you receive the product you are expected to make a full review of the item and submit a trial report.


How to apply?

 Click “Apply”>Write the reasons for your application and other related details>Receive a confirmation e-mail>Receive a sample>Submit trial report.


Why do I need to spend points to apply for a free trial?

Your points will be deducted from your account only if your application is successfully accepted. If your trial report does not fill our requirements, your points balance will remain unchanged. Please ensure you have enough points to apply for a free trial.

How do I know if I have won a free product ?

If your trial report has been approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. You can also check the status of you application on the “my trial” page . .

Will a rejected trial report influence my future applications?

If your trial report is not accepted, you will be unable to reapply for two months. Your chances of winning the next free trial may also be reduced if you have previously failed to upload a satisfactory free trial report.

How should I write my trial report?

You can create a trial report by answering questions similar to the ones listed below.

  • Was it worth buying this product?
  • Why would you recommend this product to someone you know?

Take into consideration the external appearance of this product, it's packaging, its functions, texture, and your overall impression.

Please upload at least five pictures or videos of this item, this combines with your words to create a comprehensive trial report.

 Terms and Privacy Policy of Free Trial Events

 By participating in the free trial event you are agreeing to the following,

Terms and Conditions

Users are required to provide their reason for applying and their shipping address in order to participate to our Free Trial Center. Winners will be selected based on the content submitted during the application process.


How can I increase my chance of receiving a "Free Trial" item?

Please find below some suggestions to increase the chances of being accepted:

  • You have applied at least once for a free trial and reviewed at least one of our products before.

  • You have a deep knowledge of our products and categories.

  • You are willing to share your opinion on our free trial products.

  • You are committed to sending the trial report on time.


Can I choose the detailed options of my Free Trial product?


If you win, the item's color or other product options will be sent out randomly except in Trials involving clothing and shoes. If you submit the trial report on time and you win, you will also increase your winning chances for the next round.

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