We will offer all the data information that we can share as much as possible, such as products information,order logistics information,order information,etc,which allows you to quickly and easily get these information and apply them to your platform to help you gain profit.

  • Items

    You can find all information of our products by searching categories and keywords.
  • Orders

    You can transfer all information of your orders with API, including the activated status of your affiliate points.
  • Coupons

    You can get your exclusive coupons and sitewide coupons for all categories with API.

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Build banggood open platform, banggood platform business information and third-party platform to share, establish efficient, useful, and open business relations of cooperation, to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win;

The process of joining our open platform

  • Register in Banggood
  • Apply to be our partner
  • Obtain Appid and AppSecret